Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We also made it to the Slave Castles. I am glad that I got the opportunity to see them but never again will I ever want to go back. When I went to the temple the other day we talked to the temple president and he told us what a dark and evil feeling you get there. He told us that the devil is there and it truly was. I have never felt the devil so strongly then I did at the slave castles. I can't imagine all that they went through. These inocent people did no wrong but went through so much pain and suffering. A little bit of history behind the castle. They were around for 570 years. They held up to 150 females and 150 males at a time. Most of the men became soldiers before they were sold. The castles started out as a trading company for goods and then it went to slaves. I hope and pray that this world will never get so dark and dreary as they did during the time of slavery!

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  1. Jordyn...you cracked me up on that little video on Anne Marie's blog when you girls were trying to find the Temple. You were just like..."here we go again..." Made me laugh! (Anne Marie's Mom) Glad you are having such a great experience.