Monday, July 20, 2009

Monte Crovo

We went to Monte Crovo for the past two weeks to teach some Aid lessons. I am partners with Kate. We teach about how there culture practices lead them aids and also how to deal with a loved member who has aids. We teach over a two day period. Samuel is the Health director in Monte Crovo. He is truly my hero. The first week we taught a group of boys and the second week we taught a group of boys! We start with a survey and then teach them the lessons and then we finish with a final survey.
This is Ebenezar. He was our interpreter. He carried around his camera and would get in our faces and video us! It was very funny! He taught us all how to shack hands and then snap!This is a lady who I interviewed. Her name was Patience. Her english was not very well so we had an interpreter. She is married and knew a lot about Aids! This is the group of girls that we taught. When we first got there to teach they started singing for us. It was so beautiful! They were so amazing! They sang us some upbeat gospel songs. These girls have such a rough life. Most of them were orphanes or prostitutes who were rescued from Samuel who is the health director of Monte Crovo. In one of the interviews our instructor asked a girl a question which asked If what a girl has to say is as important as what a boy has to say? This girl smiled and got excited but then she got all sad and said what I have to say will never matter! This broke my heart! There voice doesn't matter! I wish I could just tell them of there great worth and how loved they truly are!

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