Sunday, November 28, 2010

Elder Whittaker

Elder Whittaker has been gone for almost six months. I can't believe it! Although time is going by really fast it feels like I haven't seen him in forever! I just keep telling myself that he is 1/4 of the way done. I look up to my brother so much! He truly is my best friend. Through every letter I feel of his spirit. I know that he is giving it 120% and doing all that he can to be the best missionary he possibly can be. He is such a great example to all of us. As I read his letters every week he makes me want to be a better person, and to do those things that are pleasing unto our Heavenly Father. My family is receiving so many blessings for his service to the Lord. I love him so much and am so proud of him! In his last letter he said,"If we do what is right everyday the spirit will be with us, and Satan will not be able to take advantage of us." I loved that because of the simplicity it teaches us. It is our choice to let Satan over power us. Just like Logan said if we are doing what is right everyday he won't take advantage of us. Logan is not only teaching the people of Costa Rica but he is teaching me every week, and helping me to be better!

As the holidays approach I seem to miss him more and more, but I know that he is supposed to be on a mission serving the people of Costa Rica. I love him and miss him like crazy, but I am grateful for the sacrifice he is making everyday to bring them the true happiness that we have! He is doing great and seems so happy doing the Lord's Work!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rockettes Christmas

The New York Rockettes were phenomenal. My grandma Gege saw them in New York and loved them. So when we found out they were coming to Utah we had to go. Pop and Gege went as well as Shea, Mom, and me. I was amazed at the talent they had.
Shea, Pop, and I tried to do a kick line. After laughing so hard and trying to keep our balance we failed, but it was quite hilarious especially to see my grandpa try to do a kick.
Your looking that the next Rockette
My mom, me, and Shea ( I can't believe how much Shea and my mom look alike)
The Closing number

They told the Christmas story and had a live nativity. It was my favorite part! It truly brought the spirit of Christmas and made you realize why we celebrate Christmas.

This number was amazing. It was talking about Christmas time in New York City. The screen behind was moving and so it felt like you were driving through New York city. Everything was all lite up and beautiful! One of these days I would love to go to New York during the holidays.

They also did a bunch of scenes from the Nutcracker

Gege and Pop
I sure do love them

Gege, Shea, and I on the drive up there!
We had such a great day! Hopefully we can make a tradition out of it!

Temple Square

Every year we go to see the lights at Temple Square. It is such a blast! Temple square is absolutely beautiful with all of the lights, I love it. Going to Temple square is a great start to the Christmas Season. I can't believe that Christmas is already here. Time is sure going by quick. I am so excited for Christmas. Especially to talk to Logan. I have such a great family who I love! There is never a dull moment with the whitt's. I am so grateful for the relationship that we have and look forward to watching it continue to grow.
Me and Mand... Oh how I love this girl! She is such an amazing person. We have a great time together.

We rode the trax through Salt Lake. This picture is right before we got on.

After four tries we managed to get all of us in the picture!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

So you think you can dance

Me and Dev are So you think you can dance freaks. We are obsessed with the show. So we decided to go to Season 7 tour. They performed the best dances from the season, and also did some new ones. It was such a fun night. The dances were amazing.
Me and Dev My lovely ticket.... the concert was at the Maverik Center in SLC. We bought our tickets three days before the show and actually had really good seats. We were the seventh row right next to the stage.

This is how excited we were

Lauren and Billy doing the shoe dance. Lauren is actually the one who won the whole thing. She is an incredible dancer.

This dance is one of my favorites. It is about a soldier leaving for war. It was a beautiful contempory piece.
We had such a fun night. I wish that I could dance like they can. The pieces that they did were so touching. There was one that was about a mother who was sick and her son helping her along the way, a soldier leaving for war, a first prom, a first kiss, a love story, and so many more. I love the power that dance can truly have. We decided that this was defintely a new tradition.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tessa Sue

I was at the Savages house teaching the girls piano the other day and Tessa showed me her loose tooth. It was hanging by a thread. I don't know what it is about teeth but I love to pull them out. I kept begging Tessa to let me pull it out. She was nervous that it would hurt. I kept telling her that it wouldn't hurt I would just pull really fast. Well she wouldn't let me pull it until I was getting ready to leave. I literally was walking out the door when she said Jord you can try one time. I was so excited. Sure enough I got it on the first tug. Thanks Tessa Sue for letting me pull your tooth out. You made me feel so special!

Monday, November 8, 2010

100th POST

Can you believe that this in my 100th POST!! I sure can't. So many amazing things have happened since I started my blog. I wanted to do something special for my 100th post so I decided to tell you all the things that I am grateful for in my life.

I am grateful for my talents especially being able to play the piano. There is nothing better then sitting down at the piano and clearing my head. The piano definitely brings the spirit into our home. I am also grateful to be able to teach piano. I adore all of my students. I love watching the learn and be able to accomplish hard things.
I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to go to Africa. It was seriously a life changing experience. I learned to love the people of Africa. They have nothing but are so happy and content with there lives.

I am grateful for the temple. Since my sophomore year in High School we have attended the temple every Friday morning as a family. I have received many answers to my prayers while at the temple. I loving the feeling while I am there. The feeling of peace and comfort. It gives me a chance to get away from the things of this world and to feel of the spirit. I can't wait for the day when I get to be sealed for all time and eternity to my husband.

I am so grateful for the gospel. I honestly don't know where I would be without it. I am grateful for the atonement. This year I have really realized that it isn't there just so that we can repent, but it is there to help us through the hard times. Our Savior loves us and is always with us every step of the way.

I am grateful for my mom and my sister. We have had some great times together and I sure love them.
I have the greatest family anybody could ever ask for. I love them dearly and don't know what I would do without them. We laugh, cry, tease, support, have fun, listen, give advice, and struggle together and the list goes on and on. I am grateful for my two amazing parents who made the right choice and got married in the temple so that we could be together FOREVER!

I am so grateful for my brother and his decision to serve a mission. I am so proud of him. He is so determined and gives everything 100%. He is working so hard as a missionary and doing everything he can to spread the Gospel. He has been such an amazing example to me and so many others.
I am grateful for my roomies. We have so much fun together. There is never a dull moment at our apartment.
I am grateful for my crazy roomates upstairs who keep us laughing, especially when they play mean jokes on us at 2 in the morning. They take great care of us!
I am grateful for my body. That I can exercise and stay in good shape. I am grateful for the opportunity that I had to run another half marathon. It is something that I worked so hard to achieve and I did it!

I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to gain an education. Even though sometimes it is so hard and I want to give up. I am so excited to start nursing school this next year and to achieve my goal of becoming a nurse.
Lastly I am grateful for the ladies that I work with. They are all so great! They make me want to go to work. I am grateful for the job that I have. I love every minute of it. I love being able to welcome beautiful babies into this world and to feel of the spirit that they bring.
So there ya have it my 100th post

Monday, November 1, 2010


Devyn my cousin races Motorcross Isn't she the coolest! I am so proud of her! She raced at UVU a couple of weeks ago so I went and watched her. She did awesome! I am not gonna lie it makes me a little nervous, but I am glad that she has found something that she loves, and something that she is good at!
She took third and second place! Way to go DEV
Here she is racing!

Jax races as well, but he broke his arm a couple of months ago so he is out for a couple more weeks. He did great cheering her on! I sure love my cousins. They are like my own. I have watched them since they were just little. I am not watching them anymore. I didn't think it would be so hard! I miss them like crazy! I miss dancing in the car, blowing the air horn, honking and waving the other way, doing homework with them, talking about there day, talking to dev about stupid boys, giving them advice, Jaxons amazing hugs, and just being with them all the time. I am just glad that we are family and that I can still see you just not every day! I sure do love you two!!

Carving Pumpkins

We had our annual pumpkin carving this last Friday. It was a blast! We have carved pumpkins with the Bogh fam for years. Dev and I were talking about how excited we were Friday afternoon, and how much we look forward to it every year. We turn into little kids!
Here is the final product.... Mine is the skeleton (the 7th one from the left) So let's just start by saying that I am a little blonde and like to talk a lot and sometimes don't really pay attention to what I am doing. Well I am just scrapping away at my pumpkin and it was taking forever!! I kept checking it to see how much more I had to go and it still seemed so thick. So me and Dev are just talking away in our many accents when all of a sudden I look at my pumpkin and you can almost see through it. It was literally paper thin. It was hilarious! I was determined to make it work though, and sure enough I did with the help of Dev!
This was about the time when I noticed my lovely pumpkin.... My dad just laughs at his special daughter, but what he doesn't realize is I am just like him!

Yes we are nerds, but we sure love each other and always seem to have a good laugh!
Thanks Gege and Pop for the fun night!!

Happy Halloween

I can't believe that Halloween has already come and gone. Time is sure going by so fast!! Before we know it Christmas will be here. Anyways... I had a great Halloween! My family went all out this year. Everyone dressed up except for me. Ha ha I was a loser, but I didn't have Log to dress up with! It just isn't the same without him. I went and had our traditional soup at my house with my family which followed with Hocus Pocus. We just kind of hung out at my house, and then we went to the Haunted Forest! There is nothing like a good scare! I am such a wimp. I jump and scream at every little thing. I love it though! It was a great day!
The Mad Scientist and Frankenstein

So let's just say my grandparents are pretty awesome!! The door bell all of a sudden rang and in comes these two. I had no idea who they were! Don't they look just great?


I hope that you all had a Happy Halloween!!