Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LMFAO Concert

You are looking at the winners of the LMFAO contest.  These crazy girls that I work with wanted to go to the LMFAO concert, but we didn't want to pay for tickets, and so we decided to enter a contest.  We had to submit a picture. Well they obviously thought that we were pretty sexy because we totally won.  So we got five tickets to the concert. 
This is the picture that we submitted. 97.1 zht held the concert.  So we all voted everyday, and then got the call that we had won!!  We were pumped!!

Jodi wasn't able to go and so Mandy went with me.  I was so glad that she was able to go.  We had so much fun!!  This picture was taken after the concert.  This guy who totally looks like one of the guys was just hanging around so we had to get a picture with him. 

We totally got all decked out for the concert.  You can't go to a LMFAO concert with out getting decked out.  Plus it is so much funner that way.  We decided to stay in a hotel in Salt Lake.  So we went early and did some shopping at City Creek and then went to the concert. 

Mandy and I at the concert

I am sexy and I know it!!

Christa, Leslee, and Maren.  I am so grateful to work with such great people.  They make me want to go to work each day.  We always have such a great time. 
The whole gang at the concert.  The concert was so loud, and crazy!! We danced the whole night!! After the concert we went to Denny's and ate, and then stayed up way to late dancing and goofing off!!  It was so much fun!! Thanks ladies for a great night!!

Work Graduation

I work with thee greatest ladies ever!!  They gave me my own graduation.  Leslee and Maren got up while playing a graduation song, and gave us a ceremony.  It was hilarious!! I could not stop laughing!  There is never a dull moment on Labor and Delivery!!  I received the bend-n-snap award.  It was awesome!!  I truly am so grateful to work with such great people.  Who make me want to be better, who make me laugh constantly, and who set an example of a great NURSE.  The same month I graduated Jodi also got her bachelors, and Missy got her Masters.  I am so proud of both of them!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Boating on Memorial Day

We finally got the boat out!! I love this time of year!  We definitely had our sweatshirts on, but it was still a lot of fun!!  Brad and Linds came with us as well.  They are so great!  I couldn't ask for better friends.  I was also so proud of Jensen he pulled the boat off for the first time.  He did such a great job!!... Growing up with a boat has been the best thing for my family.  I love being out there together, and just having a good time.  It is the one time where we all can be together, laugh together, get along with each other, and love every minute of it. 
Jensen is constantly keeping us laughing.  We had just parked the boat, and my dad was pulling away when Jensen hopped on the back of the burb.  My dad drove around the entire block with Jensen on the back, and had no idea.  I was laughing so dang hard.  Especially watching his face as my dad drove off.  What good times!!!

I am so grateful for such an amazing family who consantly makes me laugh, and brings out the best in me each and every day!!

Memorial Day

We had a great day celebrating Memorial Day.  We went over and had dinner at Gege and Pops, and then we went to the cemetery.  My grandma is a flouriest and so she made all of these beautiful arrangements.  She is so talented.  She never seizes to amaze me.  I love driving down with my grandparents.  I love to hear all about their childhood, and about there relatives.  I love how excited they get talking about what a great family we have.  I can't wait for the day when I get to meet all of these great people, but for now I am so grateful that I have so many guardian angels watching out for me. 

Gege is always making us laugh literally until one of us pee our pants.  We definitely had some good laughs today!

The famous family picture minus Logan.

I am so grateful for the chance that we get to celebrate memorial day.  That we can reflect on all of those soldiers who have served our country.  I couldn't do what they do, but I am so grateful for all that they have done for our country.  I am also so grateful for my family who has passed on already.  For the legacy that they have led, but most importantly for the faithfulness in the gospel.  I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for them. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weekend with the Boghs

I love it when Todd and Marquelle go out of town and I get to play mom.  It is like a party all night long when us three hang out together.  We played in the pool, went to a wedding, danced in the kitchen (tradition that never gets old), and stayed up way to late.  I know I always say this, but I truly do feel like they are my kids.  They truly do make me so happy, and so excited to become a mom. 
I am always checking Dev out, and doing fun things so I thought that it was Jaxs turn.  I surprised him, and checked him out.  I told him we could go anywhere he wanted for lunch, and guess where the kid chooses... Panda Express.  What a kid?  Totally made me laugh!!  We had such a great day together.  He makes me laugh, feel good about myself, and is always so happy, and appreciative. 

Jenna Durfey our friend got married.  This picture was taken right before we got out of the car.  I am so grateful for these two, and the relationship that I have with them.  As my mission gets closer I get so sad, and nervous knowing that I have to say goodbye to my chillins.  They are going to change so much while I am gone, and it breaks my heart to think that I will have to miss out of a year and a half of there life.  I hope that our relationship can continue to grow.  It reminds me of the song that Brad Paisley sings and talks about how he didn't know his love could grow stronger.  I feel the same about these two. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


After nine months of hard work I finally made it and graduated as an LPN.  It has been quite the process.  I have had many stressful times, long hours of studying, meeting great friends, learning a lot, crazy clinicals, falling out my chair followed by many blonde moments, great instructors, and finally being able to learn what I have waited my whole life to learn.  When I applied to MATC I was an alternate.  Two weeks before the program started they called, and told me I was in.  I was ecstatic.  It is crazy to think that I started my journey 9 months ago, but I can finally say that I did it!!!
Melissa and I.... Melissa and I were best buddies during school.  We kept each other sain through the whole process.  She has three kids, and one on the way.  I don't know how she did it!! Pretty amazing if you ask me. 

This is my class minus three people.  I made some great friends.  We saw each other every day, all day.  We became a little family almost.  We had some good times together which I will never forget. 

Easton and I on our way to graduation

This is what happens when KJ and Linds get ahold of my phone. 

Linds also loves to take crazy pictures with KJ when they get ahold of my phone

Right before we left... Gege made me my flowers.  Which I loved!!
At the graduation they brought us on stage, and did the nurses cap ceremony, and the Florence Nitengal Lamp ceremony.  It was really neat to be able to realize the importance of becoming a nurse.  I have wanted to be a nurse my whole life, and my dreams are finally coming true.  I remember being a little girl, and always knowing that I would become a nurse one day.  Then I remember when my Grandma passed away, and getting to spend time in the hospital, and watching the Nurses make such a huge difference in my life as well as my grandmas.  I wanted to be that person who could help them have a positive experience, and to know that I was making a difference in their lives.  To know that I was doing good in the world. I am half way to fulfilling my dream, and I couldn't be more excited. 

I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for these two amazing parents that I have.  They have been such a huge support to me.  I am so grateful for them, and for never giving up on me.  There were countless times that I called my mom crying because I was so over whelmed.  She always knows just what I need to hear to give me that extra boost.  I truly am blessed to have such amazing parents who taught me that I can do whatever I put my mind to.  I love them, and am so grateful for them. 

I am also so lucky to have two amazing grandparents who also suppport me in everything that I do.  Looking back on my life I can't tell you a time where they weren't to an event in my life.  They have always been 100% supportive, loving, positive, and caring towards anything that I do.  During the ceremony I heard a whistle.  I leaned to Ashlyn who was sitting next to me, and said that is my grandpa.  I was proud!!  What more can a girl ask for. 

KJ and Shea have also been such a huge support to me.  Kyle is making fun of how I smile in this picture.  He totally had me laughing.  That is what I love about them is whenever I was having one of those days these two know how to put a smile on my face.  I am grateful for there support!

Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey.... Where do I begin.  I honestly couldn't ask for a better friend.  I remember the day we became friends.  We were sitting in a foods class both frustrated with our friends, and then the rest is history.  From then on I knew I was gaining a best friend that I would have forever!! This picture describes our friendship it is never dull, we are crazy, we always have a good time, and we love being together.  I love to kid around with Brad and tell him that she loved me first!!  I know that Linds and I will always be friends.  I am so grateful for her supporting me, and always being there for me.  She really is the best friend that everyone dreams of having, and lucky for me I found her. 

I am so grateful that I am now an LPN.  I am really proud of myself. It has been a really long, hard journey, but I can now say that I did it!! I take boards on JUNE 17.  I am so nervous, and am praying that I can pass.  So I can officially be a NURSE.  I am so grateful for all of my instructors, nurses that I followed at clinicals, for the opportunity I had to learn and grow, for the hard times that I got through, the friends that I made, and the opportunity I had to fulfill my dreams!!! I hope that I can become an excellent NURSE!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Priesthood

I can't believe that Jensen is 16 and old enough to be ordained to an Elder.  I remember the day when he first received the priesthood, and now he just keeps moving up.  I am so grateful to have a worthy priesthood holder in my life.  Not just my dad, but my three brothers, and grandpa.  I know that anytime day or night I can ask them for a blessing and they are all worthy and willing to do it.  On Trek this week we did the Woman's Pull.  During the Woman's pull the men go off to war, and the girls have to pull the carts alone through a really hard course.   Before we started the YW President told the girls that one way they can relate this to there life is to imagine there life without the priesthood.  I immediately thought of my life without the priesthood, and tears instantly streamed down my face.  As I watched the girls suffer through the trail, and want to give up I thought about my own life, and how it would be without the priesthood.   I can't imagine not having that power in my life.  I wouldn't be going on a mission if I hadn't been set apart, I wouldn't be blessed with the great health and strength, I wouldn't get to renew my covenants with my Savior each Sunday, I wouldn't have been able to be baptized, and I could go on and on all day.  I am so grateful for the men in my life who are great examples to me, and who also honor their priesthood.  I sure do love them.  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Jensen

Sweet 16!! I can't believe this handsome boy is 16 years old.  He is all grown up! I can't wait for him to start dating.  Shea and I have drilled him on how he should treat a girl.  I know that he will.  I watch him with all of his friends, and he is pretty dang great!! They all love him, and look up to him a lot!
  1. He is literally hilarious, and has a contagious laugh
  2. I love it when he says "Are you mad?" "Are you scared"
  3. I love watching him play sports and being so strategic
  4. I love it when he makes fun of my mom when her eyes get really big because he does the exact same thing
  5. I love what a great example he is to his friends.  They all look up to him
  6. I love how scared he is of girls
  7. I love his awesome dance moves
  8. I love how he is constantly striving to make good decisions. 
  9. I love (most of the time) how excited he is to get armpit hair
  10. I love it when he wants to talk to me, and be my pal
Jensen I love you and am so grateful you are in my life! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Going to the TEMPLE

May 5, 2012 I entered the temple to receive my endownments.  I was so nervous to go through the temple.  I stressed I was prepared enough, I wouldn't understand anything, and I was just nervous! I am not the best with change, and this was definitely a big change that I was making in my life. As I walked through the temple doors I was immediately filled with the spirit.  I have never felt the spirit so strong.  It was a huge testiment that Heavenly Father truly does LOVE me.  I have never felt his love so strong and powerful then I did that day.  Everyone told me to just remember how you felt instead of trying to take everything in.  That is exactly what I did, and I had such an amazing experience.  As I put my garments on I finally felt complete.  It was like I had been missing something my whole life, and I had finally found it.  I immediately felt protection and stregnth.  I have been counseled to go back every week until my mission.  My Stake President told me that it was the best way I could prepare for my mission because everytime you go your testimony grows stronger and stronger.  I am so excited to continue to go!  It truly is the house of the LORD, and another testiment that this is the true and living gospel!