Saturday, May 5, 2012

Going to the TEMPLE

May 5, 2012 I entered the temple to receive my endownments.  I was so nervous to go through the temple.  I stressed I was prepared enough, I wouldn't understand anything, and I was just nervous! I am not the best with change, and this was definitely a big change that I was making in my life. As I walked through the temple doors I was immediately filled with the spirit.  I have never felt the spirit so strong.  It was a huge testiment that Heavenly Father truly does LOVE me.  I have never felt his love so strong and powerful then I did that day.  Everyone told me to just remember how you felt instead of trying to take everything in.  That is exactly what I did, and I had such an amazing experience.  As I put my garments on I finally felt complete.  It was like I had been missing something my whole life, and I had finally found it.  I immediately felt protection and stregnth.  I have been counseled to go back every week until my mission.  My Stake President told me that it was the best way I could prepare for my mission because everytime you go your testimony grows stronger and stronger.  I am so excited to continue to go!  It truly is the house of the LORD, and another testiment that this is the true and living gospel!  

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