Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Jensen

Sweet 16!! I can't believe this handsome boy is 16 years old.  He is all grown up! I can't wait for him to start dating.  Shea and I have drilled him on how he should treat a girl.  I know that he will.  I watch him with all of his friends, and he is pretty dang great!! They all love him, and look up to him a lot!
  1. He is literally hilarious, and has a contagious laugh
  2. I love it when he says "Are you mad?" "Are you scared"
  3. I love watching him play sports and being so strategic
  4. I love it when he makes fun of my mom when her eyes get really big because he does the exact same thing
  5. I love what a great example he is to his friends.  They all look up to him
  6. I love how scared he is of girls
  7. I love his awesome dance moves
  8. I love how he is constantly striving to make good decisions. 
  9. I love (most of the time) how excited he is to get armpit hair
  10. I love it when he wants to talk to me, and be my pal
Jensen I love you and am so grateful you are in my life! 

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