Friday, September 28, 2012

MTC happenings of Sister Whittaker

This is Sister Farnsworth.  Sister Whitt's MTC Companion......AKA one of the "Crazy Sisters" 
 Fellow Sisters in the gospel....
 Elders in sister Whitt's district at the MTC
Sister Whitt is still up to her crazy tricks!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week 2

Dear Friends and Family,
I can't believe that I am already on week number two.  I love being a a missionary!! It is the best kept secret in our church.  This week has been a great week.  Definitely challenging and hard, but there is nothing like feeling the power of wearing that name badge on your chest, and feeling Heavenly Father's power.  I have come to understand that this truly will be the hardest 18 months of my life, but I know that it will be the most rewarding.  There is nothing greater then feeling the love of my Heavenly Father 24 hours a day. 
This week we taught all of our investigators.  It is amazing to look at the progress that I have made in just two weeks.  So here at the MTC they don't teach you the doctrine behind the gospel, but they teach you fundamentals to help invite the spirit, and seek what your investigators needs are.  So all of you preparing to go on a mission.  Learn the Doctrine now.  There is a reason and a purpose that they ask you to be prepared before you enter the MTC.  I had a really neat experience with Matt again this week.  He committed to baptism.  Even though he was just a pretend investigator I could not have more excited.  Our next lesson with him he took two steps back.  I was very sad for him, but through out the lesson I knew that what he knew before was still deap down in his heart.  I prayed so hard to know exactly what to say to help Matt.  I am hear to testify that the spirit is real.  That if we do everything that we possibly can do that the spirit will do the talking.  I looked at my companion after the lesson and was in awe.  I have never had an experience quite like that where I was able to rely on the spirit.  The spirit teaches me something each and every day.  Those times where things don't go quite the way I want them to I am instantly reminded of my purpose as a missionary.  To bring others to Christ.  That it doesn't matter how many Baptisms I get or how many scriptures I memorize, but what matters is that I am obedient, and rely on the spirit. 
Something really funny that happened this week was right after Gym.  Sister F and I were in the shower, and we always seem to make fun of everybody who sings in the shower.  I shouldn't just say sing, but literally belts there little hearts out.  So I was like Sister F opera let's sing opera style.  She just started to laugh, and then she starts singing all Jazzy.  So I am trying to harmonize with her.  I am literally belting it out at the top of my lungs, and laughing so hard.  Well then she starts singing all pretty, and we all know I can't sing so I just laugh.  Well then I realize that it isn't her voice ha ha!! So I was like um Sister F are you singing and she starts laughing so hard, and was like NOPE!! Oh my word so now I am literally dying, and laughing so stinking hard!! BLESS MY LITTLE HEART!! Got to love being a missionary, and the crazy things you do.
I ran into Elder Anderson this week.  He looked just about as nervous as I did the first day, but I got to sit down and talk to him the next day, and he is happy as ever.  He is going to make one amazing missionary!! He is so humble, and there is just something special about him.  I am so proud of him.  Who would have ever thought we would be missionaries together. 
I have truly gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon while I have been here.  It is my life savor.  Heavenly Father has definitely blessed with a better understanding of it, and helped me to really apply it to not just my life, but also to my investigators.  It truly is the Word of God.  If you don't alreay know it then get on those knees of yours and ask, but not only that READ IT!!  Those days where I don't think I can do this and I open the Book of Mormon and and instantly strengthened with the love that Heavenly Father has for me.  I know that he is aware of me, and my struggles.  That he is always there for each of us, and that is because he loves us.  He has all power, and anything is possible through him. 
So I am really sick of the food haha!!  It is all starting to taste the same, but I sure do love BYU creamery Ice cream that we get on Wednesdays and Sundays.  It is the highlight to my day.  So here at the MTC they don't have Caffeine.  Well we all know of my addiction to caffeine and how it keeps me awake and sane.  This has been quite the challenge for me.  So my dear sweet elders who I love so much found out there there was a Caffeine Cartel here at the MTC.  That is totally top secret.  So since they love me so much they totally snuck in and found it.  The elders were selling them for $3, but seeing how cool my elders are they got them down to $1.  Let's just say that it totally made my day.  Caffeine has never tasted so good in my entire life.
Thanks to everyone for your love and support that you have showed me.  I am truly blessed to have so many good influences in my life.  I love being a missionary!! I have never been so happy as I am today!! This work is amazing.  I know that I am far from perfect, but through the Savior we can all be made perfect.  Have a great week!!!
Sister Whittaker

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A day in the life at the MTC

These two are known as the "Crazy Sisters".  Need I say more.....Sister F (Farnsworth) and Sister Whitt
 Showing how much they love the "mentos" that were sent to Sister Whitt, special from her Dad
 Friends for life...
 Companions....typical pic
 The traditional map picture....Love it

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week 1

My Dearest Mother,
Can you believe I have already been gone for a week now!! I can't believe that I am a missionary!! Words can't express the Joy that I feel of being a missionary!!  This is the hardest thing that I have ever done, but I have never been so happy.  People say all the time how different you feel when you are a missionary, and I never believed them until I got set apart.  It is like a have a whole different meaning in life.  I feel of such a stronger power.  A power of God's love for not just me, but for the people in my mission.  There is nothing better then looking down on my shirt to see Sister Whittaker.  To know that I am a disciple of my Savior Jesus Christ.  To know that I can make a difference in peoples lives.  That I can bring them this amazing gospel.  This Gospel that brings us true Joy and Happiness.  I have never been so blessed.  I have never been so happy!! I know that it is because Heavenly Father is aware of me.  That he knows each of us personally, and he knew that I needed to serve a mission. 
My Companions name is Sister Farnsworth.  She is tall, has red hair, crazy as I am, and is my best friend.  We are already known as the crazy Sisters.  Which I love.  I know that Heavenly Father truly has a plan for me, and that he put us together for a reason.  I learn from her each and every day.  She has a spirit about her that is indescribable.  The moment she opens her mouth to speak the spirit is instantly there.  I love her, and am grateful for her.  I also have a great district full of lovely 19 year old boys.  They are each great!!  A lot of the companionship's have been struggling lately and so Sister F and I have been working with them.  It is amazing to watch them learn and grown each and every day!! 
At the MTC you get to teach investigators.  Two of our Investigators are our teachers.  At first I was like well this is cool, but they are already members.  After my first lesson I realized that we aren't just teaching lessons we are teaching people.  The other day we taught Matt about the Book of Mormon.  I was so nervous and stressed.  I wanted him to realize how important the Book of Mormon was to me, and the blessings that it could bring to his life.  I studied and planned, and prepared to teach this lesson.  As I taught that lesson I wasn't the one teaching.  I was teaching through the spirit.  I have never felt so close to the spirit before.  The things which I had planned weren't the things that Matt needed to hear.  I know that I was able to teach him what he needed to hear, because I was worthy of the spirit.  The spirit here at the MTC is amazing.  I get to feel of it 24/7.  It can be a little overwhelming at times, but there is nothing better.  As I look back to the first day I got here I am in awe because of how much a have changed.  How much I have grown, and how much my testimony has been strengthened   This gospel is true there is no doubt about it. 
On Sunday we got the privilege of hearing from Sheri Dew.  I was so excited!! She is such a powerful speaker.  She taught us about who we are, and our role as women.  It was so amazing and something that I will never forget.  That night we also had a fireside with Tracy Watson.  He talked about the Book of Mormon and how it needs to be our best friends.  Friends and Family there is no greater book then the Book of Mormon.  Read it every day, but don't just read it FEAST upon it.  This week as I have FEASTED upon in every day I have realized the blessing that have come from it.  I have seen the Lord's hand in my life each and every day, and I know it is because of this book.  This book is the center of our gospel.  It is what holds us together.  So that is my challenge for all of you this week. 
Of course I have to have a little fun while I am here.  I mean I am still Jordyn right?  Sister Farnsworth and I have this amazing toothbrush dance that we do each night.  It is the funnest thing!! We end up spitting everywhere because we are laughing so hard.  Since I have been here I have fallen down the stairs and grabbed sister F boob (It's a good thing we are close).  Last night we were getting ready to teach a lesson and Sister F and I were laughing so hard for some reason and we couldn't stop.  We were trying to pray, and it just wasn't working out for us all.  Well I totally farted, and we both literally almost peed our pants.  It was so dang funny!! I can't believe I just told you all that, but hey you all need to laugh.  Don't worry though we pulled it together and were able to teach a great lesson.  My roommates call me crazy everyday.  I for some reason like to sing everything, they have met STELLA, and they hear my british all the time. 
I love being a missionary.  This is where I am supposed to be.  There is no doubt about it.  I learn each and everyday.  I am blessed each and everyday, and most importantly I am HAPPY!!  I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to be a servant to the Lord for 18 months.  It will be the hardest time in my life, but the most rewarding.  I will give it my all and be the best Sister Whittaker there ever was!!!
Sister Whitt

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday....1st letter in the mail from Sister Whitt

My dearest family,

How are you all doing?  I am now officially a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ, not only that, I am a representative of my Savior Jesus Christ.  Words can't explain the feelings I had as I got set apart and also when I arrived at the MTC.  Everybody told me you would feel different and I honestly didn't believe it, but now I do.  I felt such peace and comfort.  I felt a power that I have never felt before, most importantly I felt joy and the love that my Heavenly Father had for me.  I am so excited to teach this gospel.

Yesterday was a bit overwhelming, but really good at the same time.  My companions name is Sister Farnsworth,  She is 5'11 and has red hair.  She is from Arizona.  She has such a light that radiates about her.  She is very outgoing and I know I will learn alot from her.  There are two other girls/sisters in our district, who are great.  We all share a room and do everything together. I truly was blessed. I know Heavenly Father knows what is best for me and has a plan for me.   I learned something today that I think will help me so much on my mission and that is to love everyone as God would love them.  God has such a strong powerful love, one that we never will understand fully, but we have to try our best and strive each day to be better.

Last night we had a teaching workshop.  We had 3 different investigators, each story being a little different.  One that stuck out to me was the 2nd one.  He was a man from Italy, who believed his son was stuck in limbo, because he was not baptized.  He lived in such pain and guilt.  We we taught him the Plan of Salvation, the light finally came back to his face.  We all sat in silence and just listened and felt of Heavenly Father testifying to us of this truth.  As I watched his face, tears rolled doen his face, I realized why I was here.  I realized the joy that I could bring to peoples lives.  I realized that the people of Nebraska need me.

Family, I can't tell you how excited I am to serve.  How grateful I am for this opportunity.  I know it will be so hard, but one thing I do know is it will be worth it.  I love this gospel.  I know it is true and that through it we too can live with our family forever, that we may also have joy in this life.  Know that I love you and think of you often.

Love always....Sister Whitt

PS  Cathleen won and put my tag on!  However it was so great to see familiar faces.  I also saw Karie Miller, Denece Johnes and Becca Rothey.  Oh and I saw Mitch.  He looks so happy and seems to be doing great.   oxoxoxoxox

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 1

Thought you would enjoy this as much as I friend Becca works at the MTC on Wed nights.  Her son is Ryker Mathews, and he starts for the Cougs.

Love to all


Subject: Jordyn

Just wanted to tell you that we were working at the MTC last night and I hear someone calling my name..... wow what a fun surprise to turn and see Jordyn (Sister Whittaker).  I gave her a big hug and chatted for just a second cuz she was heading into a meeting.  She introduced me to her companion.  Cute cute girl so I am sure that they will get along marvelously.  Jordy seemed so happy and was doing great.  Her companion was a student trainer at BYU and knew Ryker.  She said that he was one of her favorites and that he made her laugh all the time.  Isn't that funny.... what are the chances.  Anyway, I thought you would like to hear that.  Don't worry mom, she is going to be just fine.  I have no doubt that she will be a great missionary.  

MTC Arrival

Family Goodbyes.....hardest thing one has to do very proud of Sister Whitt and her desire to serve the Lord.
Wyatt, Sister Whitt's first nephew, I think he was the hardest for Sister Whitt to say goodbye to because he will have grown up so much in the time she is gone.
Best friends
More best friends
Sister Whitts amazing brothers
The curbside drop off.....the Elders who were her escorts asked her when she opened the car door, "where is the missionary?" Sister Whitt said "I am the missionary"  the Elders then realized they were the luckiest Elders at the MTC.
One last goodbye from the favorite Dad....
A hard goodbye from the MOM.....its rough to say goodbye to one of her chicks!
Its official....
And off she goes....
to serve the Lord and to be a representative of Jesus Christ. She will be amazing!!

Last lunch together....

Before the dreaded MTC drop off, it has been tradition for the Whittaker family to enjoy one last lunch together before the missionary arrives at the MTC.  We decided to go to Firehouse Subs (which was really great).  

 A last goodbye with her very supportive, amazing grandparents....such a hard thing to do!

These are 2 of Sister Whittaker's most favorite people.....we love them!

Sister Jordyn Ann Whittaker serving in the Nebraska, Omaha mission at Winter Quarters and the Mormon Trail

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sister Whittaker begins her Mission Experience

For the next 18 months, I (Jordy's Mom Marnie) will be posting of Sister Whittaker's amazing experiences, along with pictures.  This is such an exciting time for Sister Whittaker that we didn't want her viewers to skip a beat on what is in store in her life....We love her, are so proud of her, and look forward to an amazing 18 months in the mission field.

The Setting Apart......
Our Stake President, President Welch set Jordy apart as a missionary and representative of Jesus Christ.  He blessed her with amazing things that would help her throughout her life and throughout her mission.  Our immediate family was able to all be there and the Melchezidek priesthood holders in our family was able to participate, which was truly amazing as well.  Sista Whitt will be a fantastic missionary and will bless the lives of so many, including her greatest fans her at home. (Her family)

Last visitors.......

Monday, September 10, 2012


My family are die hard BYU fans.  We have had season tickets every since I can remember.  I love going to the games, and being together as we cheer on our Cougars.  I was lucky enough to go to the first two games this season before I leave.  They won both games I must be a good lucky charm.  I hope they can continue on to a great season!!! GO COUGARS!!! 

The Light of my Life

Wyatt J. Henrie is truly the light of my life.  I don't know how I am going to say goodbye to him.  I have been obsessed with taking pictures of him.  These are some of my favorites.  I hope that while I am serving the Lord that he can grow into a strong, healthy little boy.  Most importantly I hope that he will remember his Auntie Toej.  By remembering I mean I hope that his mom will show him my picture every day.  It is truly amazing how much you can grow to love someone who has just been a part of your life for such a short time.  I love you Wyatt J.  I have to say he is the cutest baby I have ever seen!!!