Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MTC Arrival

Family Goodbyes.....hardest thing one has to do very proud of Sister Whitt and her desire to serve the Lord.
Wyatt, Sister Whitt's first nephew, I think he was the hardest for Sister Whitt to say goodbye to because he will have grown up so much in the time she is gone.
Best friends
More best friends
Sister Whitts amazing brothers
The curbside drop off.....the Elders who were her escorts asked her when she opened the car door, "where is the missionary?" Sister Whitt said "I am the missionary"  the Elders then realized they were the luckiest Elders at the MTC.
One last goodbye from the favorite Dad....
A hard goodbye from the MOM.....its rough to say goodbye to one of her chicks!
Its official....
And off she goes....
to serve the Lord and to be a representative of Jesus Christ. She will be amazing!!

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