Sunday, September 9, 2012

Devyn Bogh

Ten things that I LOVE about Dev
  1. I love that anytime I am with her she always makes me laugh
  2. I love our CAR dances
  3. I love that she loves me for me
  4. I love that I can be there for her, and she can do the same for me
  5. I love our many accents
  6. I love our traditional midnight movies together
  7. I love how determined she is in whatever she does
  8. I love how feisty she can be
  9. I love that she try's to be all tough, but deep down she has such a big heart, and would do anything for anyone. 
  10. I LOVE being around her and hope and pray that one day she will be able to have the true happiness that I have.  That she can gain a testimony of this gospel, and know that it will bring her so much joy just like it has brought me.  I hope that I can be an example, and continue to do by best to help her.  I hope to be together with her FOREVER!!! 

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