Sunday, November 27, 2011


This last weekend me and some friends went bowling. It was nice to get out and meet new people. I finally feel like I can be myself again after breaking things off with Clayton. It has been a long hard road, but I am glad that I can finally move on, and meet new people. I am so excited to just put myself out there again, to be my crazy self again, and to just live my life.
This is Katie my new roommate who I adore. She is so dang cute. She has such high standards, and is a great example to me. She has been great for me to get me out and meet new people. She also keeps me in shape which I love. We have a great time!
So pretty sure I beat all the guys at bowling. It was quite hilarious. Especially because I can't bowl I just chuck the ball, but hey it paid off that is for sure!! 136 baby....
Me and Katie again...
This is my friend Brandon. We have been friends since I moved to Provo. The first night I met him he told me that he was the biggest DICK ha!! It is true he can definitely be a jerk, but we sure have fun together. I just don't put up with his crap!! It is always a fun time!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Bishops Storehouse

Each year around Christmas time my Dads side of the family get together and do some sort of service. This year we decided to go to the Bishops Storehouse. It was such a great experience. It amazes me how much our church does for those in need. I am grateful to belong to a Church who is always striving to bless the lives of others especially those in need. As we walked into the storehouse I was immediately filled with the spirit. We were blessed to be able to go and serve the people from our church. I am grateful for Christmas time, and the opportunity we have to reflect on the birth of the Savior. He was the perfect example when it came to serving others.
This picture was displayed right as you walked in. I would have loved to have been alive when Christ was healing the sick, and serving all those around him.
We missed the Todd whitt clan, and the savages, but we sure had a great time!!
Cathy and I
E, Tess, and Boomer
While we were there the girls restocked the shelves, and the boys stocked the freezers. Everybody worked so hard. We got a lot of work done, and had a lot of fun doing it.
Tess and I.... Tess has a special place in my heart!! She has been one of my Piano students (she actually is my best student, but don't tell my other students). She has a constant smile on her face, and is always so positive. She worked so hard stocking shelves. I have loved watching her grow up into a beautiful GIRL!!
There were four rows of shelves like this that us girls stocked. The church has factories all over the world that helps produce stuff for the storehouse. They have a soap factory, peach factory, peanut butter factory, beef farm, and even a pasta factory.
They received 4,000 brand new coats to get them through the year.
Going to the storehouse made me realize how truly blessed I am. I am blessed to have such a great Family who loved and supports me through everything. I am grateful to have a family who put a roof over my head, and food on the table. I am grateful to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am grateful to have a Savior who led the perfect example. I hope that this holiday season we can remember the true meaning of Christmas, and that we can find ways to serve those around us! The joy I feel when I am doing good for those around me!!

Happy Halloween

So I am really behind on blogging so I am trying to catch up! Sorry things are way out of order, but this is my journal so I want to make sure I write about my year!! I hope you enjoy!

Our Annual Pumpkin Carving at the Boghs
Here is all of our pumpkins all done and lite up. Mine is the cat on the left. Carving pumpkins at gege and pops is one of my favorite traditions. It is fun to get all gooey, eat yummy food, and carve pumpkins together, as we laugh and goof around. My grandparents always go all out. Everything is decorated so dang cute! I have to say that we did pretty dang good this year, and our pumpkins turned out looking good!!
I was staying with Dev and Jax so we decided to dress up. Jax was such a good sport and totally pulled off a cute little girl. We sure had fun doing it.
The gang going to town
Last year I carved my pumpkin paper thin and barely was able to carve anything out of it, but no worries this year I got it done! Devyn was the one who struggled this year ha ha (Love ya dev)
Jax and his cute little bow just makes me laugh
Jensen designed his own this year, and it turned out awesome!! It was so hard, but it looked great!!
Mandy, Dev, and I
My mom always buys an extra pumpkin for my dad to do. He loves it NOT!! He is sure a good sport though! I think next year it is her turn to carve one!!
We had a great Halloween this year! My mom made her delicious soup again. We snuggled on the couch, watched a movie, and answered the door! It was great! I hope you all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Lake Powell Fall Break

Lake Powell is the place that I love. It is place where I am happiest, and get to be with those that I love!! We laugh, ski, board, eat, play games, cliff jump, laugh some more, tube, eat some more, and sleep under the stars. Life doesn't get better then that!!
J and I have become really close lately. He truly is a great kid who strives to do what he is supposed to do. So many people look up to him, and he is a great example.
My cute mom... Powell wouldn't be as great without all the hard work she puts into it!! We love and appreciate all you do MOM
Kim, Mom, Mandy, and Me
Me and my boyfriend Court!! This little boy just melts my heart. I hope to have one just like him one day! He is always going, but as cute as it gets.
Jake and E
I just love and adore this girl. She is as good as it gets. My brother is lucky to have found her. I sure hope it works out because I can't imagine not having her apart of our lives. She truly is my best friend, and has done so much for me!
Dad and E
Me and Mand
Kim and my Mom are the best of friends. I am glad that my mom has such a great friend who loves her, and is always there for her!
Mall has grown up so much. She is quite the character. Her blondness reminds me of myself sometimes. She is always making us laugh!
E john
The girls
This is my boyfriend Court. It doesn't get cuter then him.
Kassi has bloomed into such a beautiful girl. I remember when she was just a baby, and now she is beautiful inside and out!!
My Dad decided to style his hair like he did in high school. Thank goodness trends have changed.
Court lived in the Sand. Anytime we came back to the house boat he went and played in the sand. He loved it!!
We rode over to the Dam. I forget how cool it is. It is amazing that it can hold all that water.
Everyone hanging out by the Dam wall, with the Dam fish, in the dam boat. The jokes never seem to get old when we are by the Dam.
Me and Mandy Jumping a 30 ft cliff (sorry it wouldn't rotate for some reason)
Cute Kass wanted to jump so bad, but when she got up there she realized how high we really were. It took her mom telling her she could get a Facebook account to get her to jump, but hey she did it!!
Jensen has no fear when it comes to Cliff Jumping
I have to say I love cliff jumping. It still freaks me out, and I am usually one of the last to jump, but I do it ha ha!! I love getting that pit in your stomach, and the anticipation of waiting to hit the water.
Mandy laying it out! Talk about FREAKY!
J, Mand, and Me
We discovered Sand Hill this trip!! It was a blast. You hike up this huge sand hill, and then get to run, flip, and roll your way down. Mandy did 8 back handsprings down. It was awesome! Me and Kassi did one that was good enough!!
Sand Hill
This picture was right after my Dad launched everyone including Kassi and Court!! It was hilarious!! They literally flew, but were all laughing (except court) when we went to pick them up!
After years of trying to get Mandy to ski we finally talked her into it, and look who got up!!
Kassi got right up her first try. We were so proud of her
Mandy trying to get the wake before Log gets home. She got so close. She will get it next year!!
Lake Powell is truly my little piece of Heaven. It is a time that I get to be with those that I love. This year the Taylor Family came with us. We had a blast with them. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family who love me for me, and who support me in all that I do. Being together at Lake Powell is where it is at. I can't wait till next year when we will all be together including Logan. Thanks mom and dad for three great trips to powell this year. We are definitely spoiled!!