Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I LOVE my job

I am still working at Labor and Delivery and I LOVE it!!  Being able to welcome these new babies into the world is such an incredible experience.  I am grateful that I get to feel the spirit each day I work.  Today I was sitting up at the front desk when in walks my best friend Katrina.  I could not have been more excited to see her.  She was in Labor, and I couldn't have been more happier.   I was stressed all day that I wasn't going to be able to see her delivery, but God knew that I needed to be there.  Words can't even begin to express the feelings I felt as baby JJ was born. They had been trying for quite some time to have this baby, and it was such a miracle that she got pregnant.    A rush of emotion ran through me as I reflected on the friendship that I had with Katrina.  She has been one of my very best friends, and I could call her my sister.  Baby JJ is so lucky to have her as his mom.  Today I realized that God truly does have an individualized plan for each and every one of us.  He loves us, knows us, and his plan is always bigger then our own.  I am so grateful that Katrina allowed me to be in her delivery to witness a miracle, and to be apart of their special day.  Nothing is better then welcoming one of Gods children into this world, but what is even better is when it is to someone you truly love. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Chase is getting married

Chase is getting married!! I couldn't be more excited for him.  I have never seen him so happy.  I absolutely love his Fiance'.  Her name is Kassi, and she is from California.  I am so excited to welcome her into our family.  June is going to be an exciting time in our family.  They are getting married in the New Port temple.  I am so proud of them! 

Ali and Kev's Wedding

My Companions name is Sister Farnsworth.  She is tall, has red hair, crazy as I am, and is my best friend.  We are already known as the crazy Sisters.  Which I love.  I know that Heavenly Father truly has a plan for me, and that he put us together for a reason.  I learn from her each and every day.  She has a spirit about her that is indescribable.  The moment she opens her mouth to speak the spirit is instantly there.  I love her, and am so grateful for her.... This was from one of my first letters home on my mission.  Who would have thought that 2 years later I would have the opportunity to fly to Arizona and go to her wedding.  God definetly knew that I needed her in my life. I love this girl so much.  I have learned so much from her  and am so grateful that I got to be a part of her special day.  

Aly and Kev met in the good old place of Nebraska.  Kev was one of my District Leaders, and Zone Leaders.  He was an incredible missionary.  I am so happy for both of them.  They make such an incredible couple, and are so in love!! 

Missionaries from NOM.  I am so grateful for my mission, and the second family I have gained. 

Taylor is my awesome roommate and best friend.  I love her, and am so grateful she came with me to support Farny. 

More NOM Family

This picture is really blurry, but guess who caught the Boquet?  Yes that would be me!!  Let's hope that they myth will really come true.  
I am so proud of Aly and Kev and their decision to be sealed for all time and eternity.  I could not be more proud of them.  There sealing was such an incredible experience.  I am so grateful for the gospel and for the blessings that it brings to me each and every day.  I am so grateful for eternal families, and can't wait to be sealed one day to someone that I love.  

Saturday, September 13, 2014


My family started a new tradition this year. We did the dirty dash in Heber Valley.  It was a 6 mile course through the mud.  It was  dirty, fun, hard, and the best time ever! We will definitely keep up this tradition in our family.  

Notice the Zombie in the background.  Yup, that would be me.  

Dani and Ryne 
Chase and Kassi by far got the muddiest.  In our very first course Chase tackled Kassi and they both went completely under the water.  Let's just say they were pretty muddy. They are perfect for each other. 

This is Maddison.  We served our missions together.  I love her to pieces, and am so excited that her and Logan are now dating.  
On the first obstacle course John's shoulder popped out of place.  He still finished the whole thing with us, and didn't complain once.  He is one tough guy.   
We are all a little muddy. We had mud in our nose, ears, under our finger nails, in between our toes, and all over us. It was a little disgusting, but so worth it.  To get all clean we all jumped in the back of Todds truck and he drove us to Deer Creek and we all jumped in the freezing cold water. Gotta love the crazy things the Whitts do.   It was definitely worth it though.