Sunday, February 27, 2011

Presidents Day

On Presidents Day we decided to hit the slops. It had snowed a couple of days previous so the snow was awesome! We had such a fun day. Mandy, Emma, Lindsey, Shane, Todd, Meg, Jensen, Easton, Mom, and I all went. My dad had to work which was kind of a bummer so he wasn't able to come. We stayed on the back mountain most of the day, and enjoyed the great snow!

My mom and I

Mandy and Me

Mom and E... E did so great! He cruised down the mountain, and went down just about whatever we did. He is quite the skier.

Meg and I had so much fun together! She is such a great girl, and just so fun to be around!

The three trouble makers... J, Lindsey, and Emma

It honestly doesn't get more beautiful! After seeing that how can you not believe that there is a God out there who created such a beautiful earth.
So we had a really cool experience as well.... My mom was getting her phone out on the lift because she accidently called me. Well as she was pulling her phone out her pass came went flying off the lift and into the snow. She still had three more day passes on it. So we hurried and skied down to find it, but there was no way we were going to find it. It had blown somewhere in the trees, and was covered with snow! I could tell that my mom was really stressed out. Well we went down to the bottom of the lift, and as we were riding up the lift I said a quick prayer that we would find the pass, and then I looked up and my mom was praying as well! She is such an amazing example to me, and makes me want to be better! Well sure enough we looked down where she had dropped it, and it was right there. So we got up to the lift, and J, Meg, and Todd both said Marn we prayed that you would find it! That right there showed me so many things. One being that Heavenly Father does hear and answer our prayers even if it is so simple. Two I learned how great my family is. How we are all striving to do what is right, and that we all make the gospel our number one priority, and that we are all striving to do what is right! I am grateful for that experience, and for the reassurance that it gave me of the power of prayer. That Heavenly Father is always there looking out for us!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Playing Mom

This last weekend I got to stay with Dev and Jax. It was seriously such a great weekend. I haven't gotten to watch them for quite some time now so it was great to play mom. The first morning I dropped Jax off at school I told him to have a great day, and that I loved him so much. I honestly almost started crying, because deap down I want to be a mom so bad. It made me truly realize the love that a mother has for her Child. This weekend I truly realized the joy of being a mom. I was so excited to welcome them home from school and get to hear all about there day. To hear about there crushes (Jax asked a girl to be his Valentine and was so excited to tell me all about it). To talk to Dev about the struggles of High School and being able to relate to her, give her advice, and tell her that all will be okay. I loved being able to say prayers together. Also to tuck them into bed, and tell them how much I really love them. To wake up early and make them a great breakfast, and having them both be so appreciative. To give them a Valentine, and having them both tell me I am the greatest! I can't wait to become a mother, and get the opportunity to experience this on a day to day basis.
So after Devyn begging them the boys finally agreed to letting Devyn dress them up into girls. I honestly haven't laughed so hard in a long time. She did a great job, and they definetly looked like cute little girls.
Jenny, Josephine, and Easy

Afterwards they decided to dress Devyn up as well.
After playing dress up we decided that we would go to Jack and Jills and go bowling. We had a great time!
Me and Dev
Jensen (He totally dominated us each game)
Easton (Notice he still has eye liner on we couldn't get it off)

Dev and J
It was a great Five days of watching the Kids!

Monday, February 14, 2011



LOVE is the first feeling you get before all the bad stuff gets in the way
LOVE is when my grandmother got arthritis, and she couldn't bend over to paint her toenails. So my grandfather painted them for her. Now that is LOVE
is what makes you smile when your tired
LOVE is when you kiss all the time, then when you get tired of kissing, you still want to be together and talk some more
LOVE is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, and then he tries to wear it everyday
LOVE is friendship set on fire

So let's be honest I am not a big fan of Valentines Day. It is probably because I am bitter and don't have a VALENTINE, but I woke up today and decided that I was going to make the best of Today. Valentines isn't just about having a sweetheart. It is to just celebrate LOVE. So I have come up with a list of all of the things that I LOVE!!!!

  1. I LOVE my family more then anything! They support me in all that I do, and truly love me for who I am.
  2. I LOVE the gospel. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for the gospel.
  3. I LOVE my two sweet cousins who I get to spend Valentines day with. Jaxon woke up today, and said Jord will you be my Valentine? It doesn't get better then that!
  4. I LOVE my roommates. The girls I live with downstairs, and the two upstairs.
  5. I LOVE food....Especially ice-cream
  6. I LOVE buying a brand new pair of shoes or any type of clothing.
  7. I LOVE watching my parents still flirt with each other, and get giddy when they haven't seen each other all day.
  8. I LOVE my amazing job, and getting to see the instant love these new parents have for there new born child.
  9. I LOVE watching a cute chick flick or listening to a cute song, in hopes one day that I will find my prince charming.
  10. I LOVE my missionary (Logan my brother) for the love he is establishing for the people of Costa Rica, and the love of the Lord.
  11. I LOVE the African people.
  12. I LOVE the Love that our Heavenly Father has for each of us. There is no stronger Love.
I hope that you all have a fabulous Valentines Day. I love you all and am so grateful for the Love that you have shown me.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


This weekend I am watching my cousins, Dev and Jax, and my two brother, Easton and Jensen. Last night we decided to go to trafalga because we all have passes there. We had a great time. We lazor tagged, rock climbed, and just had a good time being together! They were all great kids, which I was very grateful for!

Penis Game
So after Trafalga we decided to go get a treat at Walmart, and then get a redbox. Well Easton had to go to the bathroom so bad because they couldn't stop laughing in the car. It is a riot when you get Easton and Jaxon laughing, because they can't stop, and go on forever! I love it! So j took the boys to the bathroom, and me and Dev went to get some goodies. Well our family likes to play this game called penis haha! It is hilarious, but really we are very immature and think we are just hilarious! So one person says penis, and then the other person has to say it louder. So Dev says it to me, and I have to say it louder. I am totally embarrassed so I say it when nobody is around. Well Dev has no shame, and yells it at the top of her lungs ha ha! So now I am literally running in the corner trying to hide, laughing so hard, and trying not to pee my pants. Well she just gets a kick out of my reaction so she keeps doing it. Well then here come the boys, and they as well have no shame. So we are walking all through walmart saying penis. I was so embarrassed, but couldn't stop laughing! I am such a great babysitter teaching them such horrible games, but boy did it give us a great laugh!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Love of a Child

I am staying with my cute cousins Dev and Jax for five days. I haven't watched them for a really long time. I am loving being with them. It makes me so excited to be a mom. To grow such a strong love for my children. To be able to teach them, and also learn from them as well. Tonight Jax taught me a great lesson.

Jaxon, who is nine years old, went into the bathroom, and was just sitting there. I asked him if he was alright, and he said, "yes, I am just thinking". So I began to ask him what about, and then I looked at his eyes and they were filled with tears. I asked him what was wrong, and his reply was,"Jord, these are happy tears". I said, No they aren't Jax really what is wrong, and he said," really Jord I promise". So I asked him what he was happy about and he said,"I am happy I have a mom and a dad. There are a lot of kids who don't have a mom and a dad." So then I started getting happy tears. The tender things little kids say. I truly am grateful to be so blessed with a Mom and Dad who love me, and support me in everything that I do. Sometimes I wonder why I am so dang lucky. I am so grateful for Jax, and for his tender heart! He truly is such a sweet little boy who I love and adore!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh how I love my job!

Okay so I have to share a couple stories with you about what happened this last week at work! Now remember I work at Labor and Delivery so some of you should probably just not read this....
Story #1
One of our patients was complete so I walked into the delivery and started getting everything set up. This patient was going natural so she was in a lot of pain. Her husband was very supportive. Well then the midwife came into deliver and the husband asked if he could help deliver the baby. Of course because it was a midwife she said yes. So we asked him if he wanted some gloves, and he said oh no why would I want gloves. So that started off the weirdness because honestly I don't care if it is your wife that is just gross. So then he was all up in his wifes grill ha (maybe a little to much detail, but I mean seriously come on buddy you are not the doctor). Then he started groaning with his wife. Like seriously acting like he was in so much pain, and then I lost it. I was literally in the corner laughing. Well it gets better. So there is this new thing that we call skin to skin. Right after the baby is born we put the baby directly onto the mom's chest. It is supposed to help them breath better, and calm down. I personally don't want all the blood and everything all over me, but whatever it has be proven to work, and some patients seem to love it! Well I was writing down the time of delivery and I turn around and this man has his shirt off! Literally he was standing there shirtless, and not to mention he was very HAIRY. I looked at the nurse and was like what is happening right now? Well now we are both in the corner laughing! Apparently he wanted to do skin to skin as well. So we got the weight of the baby, and took all of her Vitals and then handed the baby over to the dad so he could do skin to skin! Is doesn't get much weirder then that!
Story #2
So this patient doesn't know who the father is of her baby. Well then walks in two men. One is black and one is white. These were the two possible fathers of the baby. So they both waited outside of the room while she was delivering. The baby came out BLACK. So the black man who was her ex brother in law was the father of her baby ha ha! Talk about messed up! It was an adrenalin rush waiting to see what color this baby was going to be! Oh how grateful I am to have some morals!! People are literally CRAZY!

So there ya have it the Joy of working in Labor and Delivery