Saturday, February 12, 2011


This weekend I am watching my cousins, Dev and Jax, and my two brother, Easton and Jensen. Last night we decided to go to trafalga because we all have passes there. We had a great time. We lazor tagged, rock climbed, and just had a good time being together! They were all great kids, which I was very grateful for!

Penis Game
So after Trafalga we decided to go get a treat at Walmart, and then get a redbox. Well Easton had to go to the bathroom so bad because they couldn't stop laughing in the car. It is a riot when you get Easton and Jaxon laughing, because they can't stop, and go on forever! I love it! So j took the boys to the bathroom, and me and Dev went to get some goodies. Well our family likes to play this game called penis haha! It is hilarious, but really we are very immature and think we are just hilarious! So one person says penis, and then the other person has to say it louder. So Dev says it to me, and I have to say it louder. I am totally embarrassed so I say it when nobody is around. Well Dev has no shame, and yells it at the top of her lungs ha ha! So now I am literally running in the corner trying to hide, laughing so hard, and trying not to pee my pants. Well she just gets a kick out of my reaction so she keeps doing it. Well then here come the boys, and they as well have no shame. So we are walking all through walmart saying penis. I was so embarrassed, but couldn't stop laughing! I am such a great babysitter teaching them such horrible games, but boy did it give us a great laugh!

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