Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh how I love my job!

Okay so I have to share a couple stories with you about what happened this last week at work! Now remember I work at Labor and Delivery so some of you should probably just not read this....
Story #1
One of our patients was complete so I walked into the delivery and started getting everything set up. This patient was going natural so she was in a lot of pain. Her husband was very supportive. Well then the midwife came into deliver and the husband asked if he could help deliver the baby. Of course because it was a midwife she said yes. So we asked him if he wanted some gloves, and he said oh no why would I want gloves. So that started off the weirdness because honestly I don't care if it is your wife that is just gross. So then he was all up in his wifes grill ha (maybe a little to much detail, but I mean seriously come on buddy you are not the doctor). Then he started groaning with his wife. Like seriously acting like he was in so much pain, and then I lost it. I was literally in the corner laughing. Well it gets better. So there is this new thing that we call skin to skin. Right after the baby is born we put the baby directly onto the mom's chest. It is supposed to help them breath better, and calm down. I personally don't want all the blood and everything all over me, but whatever it has be proven to work, and some patients seem to love it! Well I was writing down the time of delivery and I turn around and this man has his shirt off! Literally he was standing there shirtless, and not to mention he was very HAIRY. I looked at the nurse and was like what is happening right now? Well now we are both in the corner laughing! Apparently he wanted to do skin to skin as well. So we got the weight of the baby, and took all of her Vitals and then handed the baby over to the dad so he could do skin to skin! Is doesn't get much weirder then that!
Story #2
So this patient doesn't know who the father is of her baby. Well then walks in two men. One is black and one is white. These were the two possible fathers of the baby. So they both waited outside of the room while she was delivering. The baby came out BLACK. So the black man who was her ex brother in law was the father of her baby ha ha! Talk about messed up! It was an adrenalin rush waiting to see what color this baby was going to be! Oh how grateful I am to have some morals!! People are literally CRAZY!

So there ya have it the Joy of working in Labor and Delivery


  1. I can honestly say this made my entire day. You have some awesome stories to tell!

  2. So funny!!! Thanks for sharing! I wonder what the two guys talked about while waiting for the baby?

  3. LOL! I miss it there SO bad! AND...I completly pulled and airhead stunt and forgot about lunch! When is the next day you're available?? Let me know! Love ya!

  4. HAHA, Love it! Oh the joys of working in the health field!