Sunday, February 27, 2011

Presidents Day

On Presidents Day we decided to hit the slops. It had snowed a couple of days previous so the snow was awesome! We had such a fun day. Mandy, Emma, Lindsey, Shane, Todd, Meg, Jensen, Easton, Mom, and I all went. My dad had to work which was kind of a bummer so he wasn't able to come. We stayed on the back mountain most of the day, and enjoyed the great snow!

My mom and I

Mandy and Me

Mom and E... E did so great! He cruised down the mountain, and went down just about whatever we did. He is quite the skier.

Meg and I had so much fun together! She is such a great girl, and just so fun to be around!

The three trouble makers... J, Lindsey, and Emma

It honestly doesn't get more beautiful! After seeing that how can you not believe that there is a God out there who created such a beautiful earth.
So we had a really cool experience as well.... My mom was getting her phone out on the lift because she accidently called me. Well as she was pulling her phone out her pass came went flying off the lift and into the snow. She still had three more day passes on it. So we hurried and skied down to find it, but there was no way we were going to find it. It had blown somewhere in the trees, and was covered with snow! I could tell that my mom was really stressed out. Well we went down to the bottom of the lift, and as we were riding up the lift I said a quick prayer that we would find the pass, and then I looked up and my mom was praying as well! She is such an amazing example to me, and makes me want to be better! Well sure enough we looked down where she had dropped it, and it was right there. So we got up to the lift, and J, Meg, and Todd both said Marn we prayed that you would find it! That right there showed me so many things. One being that Heavenly Father does hear and answer our prayers even if it is so simple. Two I learned how great my family is. How we are all striving to do what is right, and that we all make the gospel our number one priority, and that we are all striving to do what is right! I am grateful for that experience, and for the reassurance that it gave me of the power of prayer. That Heavenly Father is always there looking out for us!

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