Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LMFAO Concert

You are looking at the winners of the LMFAO contest.  These crazy girls that I work with wanted to go to the LMFAO concert, but we didn't want to pay for tickets, and so we decided to enter a contest.  We had to submit a picture. Well they obviously thought that we were pretty sexy because we totally won.  So we got five tickets to the concert. 
This is the picture that we submitted. 97.1 zht held the concert.  So we all voted everyday, and then got the call that we had won!!  We were pumped!!

Jodi wasn't able to go and so Mandy went with me.  I was so glad that she was able to go.  We had so much fun!!  This picture was taken after the concert.  This guy who totally looks like one of the guys was just hanging around so we had to get a picture with him. 

We totally got all decked out for the concert.  You can't go to a LMFAO concert with out getting decked out.  Plus it is so much funner that way.  We decided to stay in a hotel in Salt Lake.  So we went early and did some shopping at City Creek and then went to the concert. 

Mandy and I at the concert

I am sexy and I know it!!

Christa, Leslee, and Maren.  I am so grateful to work with such great people.  They make me want to go to work each day.  We always have such a great time. 
The whole gang at the concert.  The concert was so loud, and crazy!! We danced the whole night!! After the concert we went to Denny's and ate, and then stayed up way to late dancing and goofing off!!  It was so much fun!! Thanks ladies for a great night!!

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