Monday, May 28, 2012

Boating on Memorial Day

We finally got the boat out!! I love this time of year!  We definitely had our sweatshirts on, but it was still a lot of fun!!  Brad and Linds came with us as well.  They are so great!  I couldn't ask for better friends.  I was also so proud of Jensen he pulled the boat off for the first time.  He did such a great job!!... Growing up with a boat has been the best thing for my family.  I love being out there together, and just having a good time.  It is the one time where we all can be together, laugh together, get along with each other, and love every minute of it. 
Jensen is constantly keeping us laughing.  We had just parked the boat, and my dad was pulling away when Jensen hopped on the back of the burb.  My dad drove around the entire block with Jensen on the back, and had no idea.  I was laughing so dang hard.  Especially watching his face as my dad drove off.  What good times!!!

I am so grateful for such an amazing family who consantly makes me laugh, and brings out the best in me each and every day!!

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