Monday, May 14, 2012

The Priesthood

I can't believe that Jensen is 16 and old enough to be ordained to an Elder.  I remember the day when he first received the priesthood, and now he just keeps moving up.  I am so grateful to have a worthy priesthood holder in my life.  Not just my dad, but my three brothers, and grandpa.  I know that anytime day or night I can ask them for a blessing and they are all worthy and willing to do it.  On Trek this week we did the Woman's Pull.  During the Woman's pull the men go off to war, and the girls have to pull the carts alone through a really hard course.   Before we started the YW President told the girls that one way they can relate this to there life is to imagine there life without the priesthood.  I immediately thought of my life without the priesthood, and tears instantly streamed down my face.  As I watched the girls suffer through the trail, and want to give up I thought about my own life, and how it would be without the priesthood.   I can't imagine not having that power in my life.  I wouldn't be going on a mission if I hadn't been set apart, I wouldn't be blessed with the great health and strength, I wouldn't get to renew my covenants with my Savior each Sunday, I wouldn't have been able to be baptized, and I could go on and on all day.  I am so grateful for the men in my life who are great examples to me, and who also honor their priesthood.  I sure do love them.  

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