Sunday, November 14, 2010

So you think you can dance

Me and Dev are So you think you can dance freaks. We are obsessed with the show. So we decided to go to Season 7 tour. They performed the best dances from the season, and also did some new ones. It was such a fun night. The dances were amazing.
Me and Dev My lovely ticket.... the concert was at the Maverik Center in SLC. We bought our tickets three days before the show and actually had really good seats. We were the seventh row right next to the stage.

This is how excited we were

Lauren and Billy doing the shoe dance. Lauren is actually the one who won the whole thing. She is an incredible dancer.

This dance is one of my favorites. It is about a soldier leaving for war. It was a beautiful contempory piece.
We had such a fun night. I wish that I could dance like they can. The pieces that they did were so touching. There was one that was about a mother who was sick and her son helping her along the way, a soldier leaving for war, a first prom, a first kiss, a love story, and so many more. I love the power that dance can truly have. We decided that this was defintely a new tradition.

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  1. Oh Jordy...don't forget your dance can dance like them!