Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rockettes Christmas

The New York Rockettes were phenomenal. My grandma Gege saw them in New York and loved them. So when we found out they were coming to Utah we had to go. Pop and Gege went as well as Shea, Mom, and me. I was amazed at the talent they had.
Shea, Pop, and I tried to do a kick line. After laughing so hard and trying to keep our balance we failed, but it was quite hilarious especially to see my grandpa try to do a kick.
Your looking that the next Rockette
My mom, me, and Shea ( I can't believe how much Shea and my mom look alike)
The Closing number

They told the Christmas story and had a live nativity. It was my favorite part! It truly brought the spirit of Christmas and made you realize why we celebrate Christmas.

This number was amazing. It was talking about Christmas time in New York City. The screen behind was moving and so it felt like you were driving through New York city. Everything was all lite up and beautiful! One of these days I would love to go to New York during the holidays.

They also did a bunch of scenes from the Nutcracker

Gege and Pop
I sure do love them

Gege, Shea, and I on the drive up there!
We had such a great day! Hopefully we can make a tradition out of it!

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