Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Maggot

Hey! My name is Ashley and wow, what a crazy adventure Africa has been! I will tell you about my craziest adventure so far. I had two bug bites that had progressively gotten bigger, more red, and more swollen each day. After consulting a few doctors we decided to have our professor Lynley drain the puss out of the big bites. Thinking that she was pulling out a scab, the tweezers pulled out a slimy, disgusting MAGGOTT!!!! We were totally shocked!! It was gross to say the least, and to be was a little bit intriguing. We didn't think it would be possible for both bites to have a maggott in them, but sure enough, the other one had one too!!! Come to find out they were injected by the bot fly. It was crazy!!! Thanks to my awesome Professor, Lynley,and my fantastic medical team (aka my friends) for helping me get better!!!!

She had one on her back and one on her arm. We had a whole scrub team performing surgery on poor Ashley. What an exciting night!

There is the disgusting Maggott

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  1. Ok Jord - that is the grossest thing I have ever heard. PLEASE come home!