Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So today we got to go and visit the school that we are going to be teaching at! It was such a cool experience. When we walked into the ground they all started clapping and screaming! It was like we were celebrities. I felt so famous and loved ha! They were so dang cute! We all started pulling out our camera's and they would jump infront of you and starting cheezing it and posing for the camera. They are very polite and very disciplined. It is very different then american schools. I am going to be helping out with 1st grade. There are sixty students ranging from the ages of 6-9. There are also 2 fourteen year olds which is kind of different. I am very excited to start teaching these darling little kids.

These are some of the students who swarmed us when we walked in the doors. The children in the yellow uniforms aren't from the same school that we are teaching. There is two different schools in the same complex. We are teaching the ones with brown and orange.

These cute little kids jumped right infront of the camera and just kept smiling for like five minutes and then they all come running to you wanting to see what they look like!

This little girl is so adorable. Especially her cute hair I just loved it!

This is the bishop and his wife Margaret. They came and sold us some dolls that are hand maid that are so adorable. She has serious talent. The bishop also makes scripture cases and ties. He is incredible at weaving anything!


  1. Jordyn...thank you for keeping your blog. I am enjoying reading what all of you have to share every day so much! (I am Anne Marie's mom.) I feel like between all of you I can really get a glimpse of what's happening.

  2. hey girl! i'm loving your updates! If the bishop comes back with his dolls would you buy me one and i'll pay you back? I never got one on my trip and totally regret it! :( What excursion are you doing this weekend? Hope you have a blast! Keep me posted....