Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Monkey Village

Cute bum where ya from!!

This is the gang at the waterfall!!
We hiked up to Wallies Waterfall. It was about an hour hike through the jungle. It was so green and pretty!!

This little boy's name is Clayton. I just adore him! After dinner at the monkey village we got to experience the true culture of Africa. They started telling us stories and then they drummed and danced around the fire. We all got to dance around with them. It was so awesome!! There was ladies with babies sleeping on there back and they were just dancing away! The little kids just loved us. Clayton danced with me and then he cuddled right up in my lap and fell asleep!! I was in heaven it was the cutest thing ever!! If only I could take him home!
We passed this little boy while we were getting a tour through the monkey village.
There were so many monkeys everywhere. They were jumping from tree to tree! It was awesome!!
This was one of the coolest, most daring, scariest moments of my life!! It was so exciting I can't even begin to tell you!! A monkey came and ate a bananna right out of my hand. I just held the bananna in my hand and the monkey swung down and started peeling the bananna. It was so awesome!!
Here is my bed that I slept in with two other girls!! I took ambien but for some reason I still didn't sleep very well!!

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  1. Look at that little Clayton asleep on your lap. Oh my gosh. You will never be the same you know, after this whole experience. Fun photo of all of you near the waterfall!