Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So we went to the beach today and I didn't think to put sunscreen on because it was overcast and I needed to get some color. Well I got burned I am sure that you are all surpirsed. This is mine and Anne Marie's nice Sun Tan marks. I am on the left and Anne Marie is on the right!!
This is us girls at dinner. We at a place called Paloma. It actually was pretty good. I got Chicken Nuggets and Fries! I am still sticking with the American Food.

This is me and my new boyfriend Kofi. Isn't he a babe? He would not leave me alone. We met on the beach and he wanted me to run away with him but I told him I should probably stay on the with my group. He told me I could trust him, but I decided to just stay I don't really care for Aids or to get pregnant. He liked me so much that he gave me an African name it is "Ajewa"

Here is another picture of Kofi. Our hands mean Unity!!

Here is a picture of the beach! It is called Labodi beach. It was so beautiful. Although the beach was really fun it was kind of an overwhelming experience. Everybody attacked us and kept trying to sell us anything and everything. They didn't get what the word NO meant. I had to learn to be nice and firm with them!

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