Thursday, July 23, 2009

So after our Safari we came back for breakfast and sat down and there was a cute little baboon that starting walking towards us. It kept getting closer and closer and before we knew it had jumped on the back of Anne Maries chair!! It was hilarious!! It then decided to come back except this time it ran down the table and starting drinking Ashley's juice and then it got really scared and ended up knocking most of our juices over and pretty much jumped into Elyssa's arms and scratched Anne Maries arm on the way!! It was quite the breakfast!!

We then walked to our rooms and this is what we found! An Elephant eating our flowers! I sure do love Mole. We had quite the morning!
I was pretty dang close to this elephant don't you think? When they were taking the picture it started walking towards me and I freaked!! I was so nervous!! Isn't it so cool though? We had such an awesome time getting to see all of the animals and nature. We saw wart hogs, baboons, elephants, some really pretty birds, lots of antelop, and a elk looking creature. It was quite the adventure.

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