Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This was right after church outside the temple grounds. This lady came up to us and asked if we would take a picture. She is one of the temple workers and also attends the ward that we are going to be attending the remainder of our stay!!

This is the LDS church that we went to!

The temple and the church are all of the same grounds. So we got to see the temple on Sunday when we went to church. It is so gorgeous. Here is a picture of all of the girls in my group who went to church on Sunday!

Another picture of the temple!! It is so pretty!

This cute little girl named Stefani ran up to me after church and gave me a huge hug. She is adorable and I just had to take a picture with her! She kept feeling me hair! They aren't really used to seeing blonde hair!


  1. Jordyn - we miss you and are so glad that you are having a good time in Ghana. Take care of yourself and we'll see you in August. Thanks for telling the bishop and Margaret hello for me. Still get teary thinking of them!! Love ya - Paula

  2. Labodi beach, been there a few times and I know what you mean about people trying to sell you stuff. You should try their food, start off small of course. Chicken and fried rice, then some red red with plantain. Then you're ready for fu-fu and banku!