Thursday, December 29, 2011


Christmas EVE
Shea and KJ came over before we went to Gege and Pops and so we got to open presents a little early. It is hard to not have them with us all of Christmas, but I am grateful we get to see them one of the days!!
This is what we made my mom for Christmas! We were really excited about it, and had a really fun time making it. Notice anything hooked onto my name....BABY!! Yes that's right I am pregnant. Ha ha okay just kidding. Shea is the Prego one. I am gonna be an AUNT though, and more like the favorite AUNT. I could not be more excited!!!
Shea aka little Miss Crafty made all of her gifts this year. She made me this cute weekly chart for me to stay organized. I love it!
Cute little J got the funniest gift by far. We all know J can be a little stinker at times. So Shea gave him snowman poop with a cute little saying. Jensen thought it was the funniest thing, and couldn't stop laughing. It was so funny. It was even funnier when he thought that was his real present ha!!
I drew Eastons name this year. He wanted an IPOD shuffle so bad. So let's be real I am the favorite and had to continue to be the favorite so I got him an IPOD shuffle. Let me tell ya it was worth every penny to see how excited this little boy got! It was so dang cute!
Christmas EVE with the BOGHS
This is how we told everyone that Shea was Prego... It was so fun to watch Gege and Pop figure out what BABY spelled out, and to see everyone's face. Our Family continues to grow.

Traditional Picture on the Stairs in our Jammies
My favorite tradition that my brothers and I have is building a fort on Christmas Eve, and then sleeping in it. Each year our Fort gets better and better. I can't wait till next year when we will have Logan, and Shea and KJ. Think of that Fort. I hope that I can carry on this tradition with my kids... Jensen the older he gets the more he acts like Logan. This is a typical Logan Face.
Last year poor Easton had a book fall on him in the middle of the night. Luckily this year it stayed up perfect all night long.
Christmas Morning
Easton after keeping me up all night because of how excited he was finally got to go down and see what Santa brought him. It brings me back to so many memories of my childhood, and waiting until my mom and dad would come and get us. We didn't sleep all night long. Cute little E brings me back to my Childhood, and sure keeps me young!!
Not only did Easton keep me up, but I think Jensen was worse. I woke up around one in the morning to find Jensen playing a game on my phone. After trying to get him to go back to bed he just kept telling me Jord it's Christmas aren't you so excited? How can you sleep? It was pretty funny, and made me really excited! Of course Logan had to also come down and be with us for Christmas as well.
Easton in his awesome Helmet. He is ready for some Baseball
The highlight of my Christmas was getting to talk to this Young man. Having him gone has been one of the hardest things for me to go through. He is the one who makes me laugh, and talks to me in hard times. Him being gone I know has blessed my life tremendously. He always knows just what I need to hear. He always encourages me to be better, and to remember those things that are important. Hearing his voice on Christmas was amazing. Even though it was hard to understand my little Mexican brother. I am grateful for his example, and for his out pouring love he shows me, and the people of Costa Rica.
I am not a fan of this picture of me, but it is tradition to have a picture in front of the tree.... My family spoils me every Christmas. I have been blessed with so much, and am truly grateful. I can't imagine life without them.
Jensen and Easton Sporting there new GEAR!!
My dad gave my mom this beautiful village of Temple Square. I am so excited for her to put it out each year. I love Temple Square especially around Christmas time!
Christmas Day
On Christmas Day we always go with the Whit clan. We always eat yummy food, do a live nativity, and just enjoy each others company!!
Tayla and Meggie have grown into such beautiful girls on the inside and out. One thing that I love about Tayla is how determined she is. She wants to excell at everything she does. I also love how protective she is about me. Meggie doesn't care what anybody thinks about her. She is her own person. She is so fun to be around, and every time I am with her I want to be better.

John and Cathy have been so great to me. I have loved living with them. I feel like there daughter at times. They are constantly making me laugh. I love seeing John happy again. I know that is because of Cathy.
Cathy and my Mother.... They have become really good friends, and both play a huge role in my life. I am grateful for both of them.
Now isn't this a great looking bunch!!
The Nativity
I am so grateful that my family has started a new tradition of the live Nativity. I think at times we get so wrapped up in the presents, and the food that we forget what Christmas is really about. We forget the true meaning of Christmas. I am so grateful for the birth of the Savior. What an amazing example we have in our lives. I have the best job in the world and get to experience new precious babies being brought into this world. I can only imagine being there when Christ was born. To feel of the spirit of the Son of God, and knowing that he would change the world!! I know that my Savior lives and loves me. That he is constantly with me always. In times of hardship and tribulation I know that he is holding my hand and helping me get through them. I am grateful to have such an amazing example. I always wanted an older brother, but what I don't realize is that I do have an older brother. One who is better then them all.
All the COUSINS.... Are we growing or what? We are still missing Logan (5 more months but who is counting), Tanner, Shea, and Kyle. Not to shabby! I love each one of my cousins. They are all so unique, and each has something amazing about them. We make a great mix!
Christmas was so great!! I am truly blessed to have been born into such a great Family that knows that the true meaning of Christmas, and to also be surrounded by those people that I love on Christmas. The older I get the more I think to myself that I don't need the nice clothes, the presents, the candy, you name it, but what I do need is the GOSPEL, and my FAMILY!! That is what truly is important. I hope you all had a great Christmas!

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  1. I love those scrabble letters. Totally going to have to steal that idea next year. :) And I love how Shea announced. Too cute!