Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nursing School

I have completed my FIRST semester of NURSING SCHOOL!! All of the hard work is finally paying off. I am loving being in school, and getting to learn how to become a nurse. I can't wait for the day that I am finished. I learned so much this semester. My classes were mental health, pharmacology, and nursing foundations. They were really tough, but I learned a lot. Finals week seems like a blur now! I slept, studied, and ate, slept, studied, and ate and on and on for a week straight!! I passed my classes though so it was all worth it. I loved going to clincal as well. I did my clinical's at Timpanogos hospital, Mt. Timp Hospital, Provo Rehab, Heritage, and The developmental center. It was fun to be able to follow a nurse around and practice the skills that I have been learning. One more semester and I will graduate with my LPN. I can't wait!!! My dream of becoming a nurse is coming true!!!!

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