Saturday, December 24, 2011


So I am officially on a BOYS STRIKE!! Let's just say that my dad was right and BOYS REALLY ARE PIGS!! It blows my mind the things boys say to me, and others. Everybody keeps telling me that there are good ones out there, but I think they are all hiding.

Here are some of the crazy things they say?

  • I love you and want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you, but it's okay to cheat on you! Once is bad enough, but you fool me twice and I am no longer stupid, and realize you aren't worth my time.

  • So how is that class going that you FAILED as you laugh in my face.

  • I will only date a girl who is TALL, BLONDE, SKINNY, and CURVY. Well that leaves me out! See ya later!!

  • Did they not have any specials for a Boob Job for you on Black Friday?

  • I am just not attracted to you!! Thanks, I am glad you just told me I was ugly!!

  • How about I just diss your family right infront of you? Seeing as I have an amazing family that was the wrong thing to say. Your Loss....

  • A cute boy in my ward came and sat by me in Sacrament meeting, and then left and sat by a girl who was prettier then me after the sacrament. Yeah, I felt really great after that!

  • Your never going to get married because you take life seriously and don't have any fun!!!

  • Oh crap, I forgot my wallet again!! I guess your paying for my dinner yet AGAIN!

So there ya have it speaking from the mouth of PIGS!!


  1. JORDY....I am just amazed at the things boys say to you-please tell me its a joke. MOST are giant pigs but I promise there are a FEW great ones out there. It just takes going through a few of the pigs to find and really appreciate the great ones. You're a great girl...don't give up hope. I sure love ya!

  2. Jordy Jordy Jordy. These guys are trying to make up for the little dicks they have. If they're a dick they probably have a really small one so you know you can skip the dick for and the dick do and find the one who isn't trying to make up for his little things in life. Love Kyle