Friday, December 23, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

This Black Friday beats all the rest by far. We had such a fun time. We missed Kim this year and so we decided to name this little friend Kim, and took her everywhere we went. We took pictures everywhere with Kim. It was quite the riot, and kept us going all night long. (Sad to say all the pictures got erased.)
Kim and I at our first stop.... We went to Walmart, Mod Bod, Target, The Mall, Dennys, and Shoe Carnival
This is my retarded friend Tanner. We are the best of buds ha!! We ran into him at Mod Bod, and got quite the laugh. Tanner is the type of person to put a smile on your face, and is just so fun to be around. Sure love you my special friend Tanner.
Mandy, Me, and Shea
Shea and My mom
She was quite tired ha!! She is not used to being up all night long. Everywhere we would stop she would try to fall asleep. It was pretty dang funny (sadly those pictures got erased as well).

So the highlight of the night was when we went to Shoe Carnival. I was super tired so I sat in the car until they opened the door. They were giving out cards with $10 off and there was one lucky winner of $100. Guess who the lucky winner was? Yup, that would be me. I was stoked. I walked out of there with four new pair of shoes that are all adorable. Shea, was really mad at me ha because she sat in the cold and held our spot in line so being the nice sister that I am I bought her a pair as well. So we ended the night with a high. It was so fun!! We started shopping at 11 and got home at 7. It was a great day of shopping with some great deals!!!!!!!

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