Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whitt Lake Powell Trip

I look forward to our Lake Powell trip every year with the Whitt Clan. It is so much fun! Full of lots of laughter, and enjoyment! I have such a great family who I adore! I am so grateful for them, and the fun weekend that we got to spend together! Here is what goes on at Lake Powell with the Whitts
Our House Boat
It wouldn't be a Powell Trip without these two great people!! Thanks mom and dad for taking us!

Tubing is definetly a highlight of Lake Powell! Dad is such a great driver and gives us some excitment, and some great laughs!!

It was so hot this year and the water felt great!! We spent a lot of time swimming around in the water and enjoying everyones company!

This year Todd made us a challenge course full of swimming, rope pulling, going down the slide, running with a rock, and swimming under the houseboat. Congrats to Meg, Todd, Boom, J, and E for accomplishing the course and becoming the first Navy Seals

We even had an engagement at Lake Powell!! John and Cathy we are so happy for you both!! Cathy we love you and welcome you to the Whitt Clan!
We love to Board and Ski
E John Boarding for the first time

It wouldn't be a Powell trip without jamming out to some music!!

Having a camp fire and Roasting Smores!


Me, J, E, and Todd are pretty good at hand stands in the water even though you don't touch the bottom!

Delicious food! This night we had Crab, Brots, shrimp, potatoes, and carrots!! Talk about Heaven
Dancing on the back of the boat


We found so many treasures while Snorkling. We found four golf balls, and a bag full of garbage. Pretty exciting!! It was very fun though!

Lot's of hikes
Thanks for the fun week!!

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  1. Aww!!! That looks and sounds like so much fun!! Great pictures. It looks like you guys had perfect weather. Sure do miss you.