Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spencer and Joe

So a couple of weekends ago I was staying with my cousins. We had just gotten home around 12:30 a.m from a motor cross race in Salt Lake. All of a sudden the door bell rings and look who it is Spencer, Linds, and Joe. Well much to my surprise by the end of the night me and Linds were thrown in the pool in our clothes. There is never a dull moment when Spencer and Joe are around. It was such a blast!
They are gonna get in one of these days!
Us four have such a great time together! We are all the best of friends! We do the craziest things together and can always have a good time!

Spencer is well let's just say CRAZY! He has more energy then anybody else I know! It is sometimes hard to keep up with him! Whenever I need a good laugh I know just who to call!

What a great night!!


  1. Jordy I finally found your blog and added it! You are gorgeous, and I loved looking through all of your pics...Love you girl!

  2. Jord I didn't know you had a blog! Now I can blogstalk you haha :)
    How is school?! I honestly didn't like my experience with Provo College, they changed program administrators 4 times while I was in the program and had MAJOR disorganization issues. After my last semester all but 2 of the nursing faculty quit and are finding new jobs so it will be a whole new messy staff for a while I think. Where else are you looking into? I had a friend just graduate from SLCC's nursing program and he's an awesome nurse!