Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bear Lake

Bear Lake has become quite the tradition in our singles ward. This is my second time going. It was such a blast. We left early on Thursday morning. I rode up with Chaz, and his brother Nash. Chaz pulled up the trailor with all of the food. First to start off I am very good with directions, and seem to get lost where ever I go. So we were jamming out to music, laughing, and just having a good old time. We see little America and Nash wants to stop and get an Ice-Cream cone. They were delicious by the way. So we get in the truck and on the road again when we get a call asking us where we are? We told them we were in Little America. We were totally thinking we were on the right track getting there. Little did we know we had gone about sixty miles to far. We didn't even realize that we had been driving for two hours because we were just having a good old time. The ward was not to happy with us because it was lunch time and we had all of the food. We on the other hand thought it was hilarious! I was laughing so hard that I was crying, and my stomach hurt. So the two and a half hour drive ended up being five hours. At least we had a good time though!!
Me and Chaz
Chaz needs to learn how to spell!! I think he forgot that we were at BEAR Lake and not BEER Lake!

Don't worry though we fixed it!

It is hard to see, but I am holding this tiny frog! It was so cute!
Right before the storm came in!

Chaz, Me, Matt, and the Bishop

Doesn't my dad just look so great in this hat! He thought that he was pretty cool!
My dad is the first counselor in our ward. Everybody just loves him. What is not to love though? I love that he acts like one of us. He is the life of the party. He has such a contagious personality that everybody just wants to be around him.
We had a great time at Bear Lake. We played on the beach all day, wakeboarded, tubed, and had a good old time! It was a good opportunity to get to know everybody in our ward. We had a great turn out. I am excited for next year!

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