Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shopping Day

Last week us girls decided that we needed to go shopping. It has been quite some time since the three musketeers have been together. We went to Chick-Fila which is by far our favorite place and then we went to South Town mall and went shopping.

We walked into American Eagle and we saw this old man just taking a snooze on the bench. It was hilarious!! What made it even better was that he was tapping his foot to the music. He gave us a good laugh!

Dev just cracks me up! She turned into this little kid when she saw this sign. It was hilarious! We were in line to order our food and she ran over to take a picture with the cow. Oh how I love you Dev!
We had such a fun day! Full of lots of laughs and some great memories! I am so grateful for these two and for the amazing friendship that I have with both of them. We have such a great time together. I sure do love you both!

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