Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Journey of Running

I am training for a 1/2 Marathon in August and the other day I decided to run down Provo Canyon. My mom who is my running buddy couldn't make it with me so I went by myself. I was a little hesitant to go by myself, but it actually gave me a time to think, and was a great experience. While running I kept thinking of our journey through life and how it is just like a race. I ran up hill and down hill. This is so much like our journey through life. We go through the ups and downs, but if we rely on our Heavenly Father, and the Savior we can make it to the finish line. In running I wouldn't be able to make it without proper shoes, my Ipod, and water. Just like in life there are certain things that we couldn't make it to the finish line such as the atonement, the scriptures, prayer, sacrament, family, friends, our Savior and the list goes on and on. There were times when I was running that I wanted to give up and stop, but I knew that I needed to make it to the end. In life sometimes it gets hard and we want to stop, but we have to just keep going and never give up. We have to remember that we have a loving Heavenly Father who is always there for us. Who knows us by name, and knows everything about us, and is willing to do whatever he can to help us reach that finish line. I finished my twelve mile run that day and look forward to finishing the Journey of this Life!

I took my phone because I was running by myself and while running I passed Bridalveil Falls and had to take a picture. It was beautiful, and was such a testament that there is a Heavenly Father out there who created such a beautiful world.


  1. that is so stinkin pretty! that seems like such a fun run...not for hard! i am so glad you are my cousin! have fun in lake powell!
    luv ya

  2. Jordy, What a GREAT analogy! I agree completely! You are an amazing person and I am so proud of you! Love, Cari

  3. Love it Jord! Way to go on the half. I wish I could be that dedicated. You are amazing and I love you!! Let's play soon!