Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Linds

10 Things that I love about Lindsey
  1. I love that she is just as big of a blonde as I am

  2. She is one of the best listeners out there and always has the best advice

  3. I love that she can make me laugh for hours especially when I am in the worst mood

  4. I love it when she dances in the car or in a mirror with me

  5. I love that she gives everything 100%

  6. I love it when she calls me and answers in some baby retarded voice

  7. I love that she always has the spirit with her, and is always striving to do what is right

  8. I love how tall she is

  9. I love it how she can never get through a movie without falling asleep

  10. She is one of the greatest friends anyone could ask for.

Linds I hope that you had a great birthday!! I love you so much and am so grateful to have a friend like you in my life who I can always count on for anything!! You are the best!!

1 comment:

  1. i love linds too! i cant wait for the slumber party...sleeepover thingie! haha!