Saturday, July 17, 2010

Justin Bieber Concert

This last weekend I took my four cute cousins to the Justin Bieber concert. We had such a great time!!
He flew around and danced in this ball. He had so many great things to entertain the fans.
Poor Meg made a mess. She spilled all down the row, but did a great job cleaning it up.

He has some serious dance skills, along with some great back up dancers
Waiting for Justin Bieber to come out!

Tay, Chez, and Meg

Sean Kingston opened for him, and was so incredible. He was really fun to watch. They sang a song together as well once Justin Bieber came out.

He flew around the whole crowd in this heart and sang a couple slow songs. I am five years older then him and I still thought it was pretty dang cute!!

Tayla, Chez, and Meg

Me, and Tessa
We had a great time standing next to eachother during the concert. We danced the whole time. I don't think my cousins realized what great dance moves I had!

Tessa, Tay, Chez, and Meg

Meg, Chez, Tay, Tess, and me

John was so great and bought us all tickets to see Justin Bieber. It was so fun to go as just us girl cousins. We had so much fun! We danced, sang, screamed, and had a blast!! The concert was full of teenage girls who were madly in love in Justin Bieber. By the end of the concert we were all completly deaf. He was such a great entertainer, and a great dancer. My cousins are sure cute they stood the whole time and danced. They were all so excited! I am so grateful for darling cousins who I adore!! They are such fun loving girls and are so appreciative. I sure love you girls thanks for the fun night!!!

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