Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taylor Car Wash

I was coming home the other day from teaching piano and the cute Taylor kids were washing there dads car. So I asked them if I was next and they got so excited and said to come on over. So I went over and helped them wash my car. They said that they are going to start there own car wash business and only charge a dollar per wash. Kim said well you will get your money's worth then. They are such cute kids who I adore.
Cute little Court washing my car. The poor kid has had a cast on since the beginning of the summer! Luckily he will get it off soon. He is my favorite little boy. I hope to have one just like him. I have to tell a funny story about Court. I guess he had this girl in his class who he really liked and she told him one day that she wouldn't marry him. Court was hysterical. He could not stop crying because he was so sad. So later that day I told court that I would marry him and he said, " No way you are way to old". It was pretty cute!
I am so grateful for great neighbors like the Taylors who we can depend on. They are so great and would do anything for us. They bring so much joy into my life.

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  1. guess what?? i might do a car wash too! if i do i will call you over!