Monday, June 14, 2010

Lake Powell

E and little Bubba

Shea and KJ

The whole whitt clan


J B Whitt

Logan doing a flip on the board. He is so fun to watch. He flies across the wake literally! I keep telling myself that one day I will be as good as him!

Mom still has it

E John and Log waking boarding together. It doesn't get better then that!

The first day we went to Conney's Crack. You hike through the rock and it goes all the way to the other side. It is very cool!

So I haven't skied in two years and I was so determined to get up my first try. My mom always says stay in your ball, push with your back foot, lean back, and keep your head down. So I listened to everything that she said and got up my first try. You can tell by this picture that I was going to do everything I could to get up even if it was to blow my cheeks.

Every night when it would get dark we would go from hunting on the beach. The boy would put them in a net and then bring them back to the house boat. We would stick them in a whole and watch them try to get out. It was quite comical.

So Elimination is by far one of our favorite things to do while at powell. It is tradition. You put two tubes next to each other and then you wrestle each other off. Amanda Jane and I were quite the team this year. We had the system down to a T to get people off. We actually did pretty well. TC got so frustrated with both of us it was hilarious! In this picture I almost had TC but let's just say my bare butt was skidding across the water.

TC, Jane, and me trying to fight TC off!

We had just got Caden, and Walker off! The two blondes were tougher then everyone thought!

Kyle trying to flip the tube, but don't worry we held on

Jensen, Caden, Abby Jane, and Me (me and Abby ended up getting the boys off)

Lake Powell is one of my favorite Vacations. We went this year for memorial day. It was a blast. We went with the Taylors, Nielsons, Swensons, and the Murdocks. It was such a great group. It has been amazing to watch our families grow over the years. We had four recently returned missionaries, two serving at the time, and one getting ready to leave. It doesn't get better then that. The water was freezing but luckily the weather was great! We woke up early and did our morning runs, played cards, skiied, wake boarded, caught some frogs, swam, and laughed till our stomachs hurt. It was a great trip!!

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