Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Elder Whittaker

Elder Whittaker left today to the MTC. He will be serving in Costa Rica and will enter the field on August 17. He left with a smile on his face and didn't look back. What a great missionary he is going to make. I have never seen someone so excited to serve and most importantly someone so prepared. Logan is truly my best friend and I will miss him dearly, but I am so proud of him. He will make our family proud. He will do his best and I know that Heavenly Father will take care of the rest.
What I am going to miss the most about Elder Whitt
  • Our dance parties late at night in the mirror
  • Logan coming home late at night and peaking in my room to tell me good night
  • Our late night chats talking about life and giving each other advice
  • Our many goofy voices
  • Listening to him and my brothers argue about sports
  • Him giving me a hard time or a good wrestle
  • Watching him serve all those around him
  • Hearing him eat a bowl of cereal when he gets home late at night
  • Watching him pick at his face
  • Watching him wrestle with the boys especially when the little ones are arguing and making them hug each other and tell them that they love each other
  • Watching him perfect anything and everything he does
  • Blowing the air horn at people as we drive by and laugh until we cry
  • His constant smile
  • Finding his empty contact cases on the counter instead of the garbage that is 2 feet away
  • Him not lifting the lid
  • Him telling me that he loves me and that I deserve the best

I love you Elder Whittaker!!!

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  1. Logan...what a great name huh? :) He'll have such a great time in Costa Rica. I had my study abroad there and would go back in a heart beat. It's such a beautiful country.

    You look great Jordyn. Miss ya.