Thursday, March 10, 2011

What happens when you put dish soap in the DISH WASHER

As I am driving home I get this call from Linds that made me laugh so stinking hard.... So first of all Linds decided to do the dishes (that is a scary thought to begin with seeing as it is a rare occurrence). So Linds went to start the dishwasher thinking that she was all great when little did she realize that she put dish soap in it. Yes, Linds is 20 years old, and yes you would think that she would know the difference between dishwasher soap and dish soap, but apparently she was having one of those BLONDE DAYS! Like I have any room to talk though seeing as most people call them Jordy Moments because I have them so much. So anyways back to the story. Linds came back to the kitchen and there was bubbles, and water everywhere ha ha!! Oh I can just picture her face at this very moment freaking out! So she franticly opened the dishwasher to find even more bubbles. Thanks to google she got the problem solved after spending hours trying to get rid of the bubbles! Bless your heart Linds! Oh how I love you!
I came home to these sticky notes on the dishwasher!!


  1. HAHA I have had two roommates do this just this year! Apparently, way more common than one might think :)

  2. We love you Linds! Thanks for giving us a happy moment today! We always love a good laugh!