Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Shea B

Happy Birthday Bear

What I love about Shea....

  • She is my bestest buddy
  • I love when she used to laugh so dang hard that well we probably shouldn't discuss that ha!
  • I love how she is so strong in the Gospel and lives each day to the fullest
  • I love how she still to this day will examine her body and look for a bruise, and then show you like it is the end of the world
  • I love what a great cook she is.... She has had me over multiple times for dinner and it is always delicious
  • I love her work ethic
  • I love how much she loves KJ and I love the effort that she puts into there relationship
  • I love that even though we are old she will still wear footy PJ's with me
  • I love that she doesn't care what others think... She has great confidence in herself, and it shows through her smile
  • I love that since she has married Kyle all of a sudden she is the gasiest person I have ever met
  • I love how she dominates at tube wars
  • I love that she will dare do anything with me
  • I love that she still will drive around blowing the air horn with me, and we still laugh our guts out, and think we are hilarious

Shea B I just love you tons! I am so grateful to have an amazing sister like you! I hope to one day be just like you!

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