Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Day

Happy Birthday DAD
What I love about my DAD
  • I love that he is so strong in the gospel
  • I love that he fulfills his calling. The young adults have such a strong love for him, and I know that it is because he truly cares about each and everyone of them, and strives to do all that he can to serve them.
  • I love the love that he has for my mom... Whenever he leaves the house he makes sure to kiss her goodbye even after being married 26 years there love grows stronger each day
  • I love how he always wants to be involved in whatever we are doing
  • I love that he encourages me to do my best in whatever I do
  • I love that after 6 years (I think) he still takes us kids to the temple every Friday morning. I truly believe that because of his example he has helped us to become the kids we are today
  • I love his words of advice. He always knows just what to say
  • I love that even though he is old ha he still reaches after his own dreams
  • I love that we go swim laps every Tuesday night. It is great for us to gain a better relationship, and also encourage each other to stay in shape
  • I love when he gets laughing so hard that his whole body just shakes
  • I love it when he dances because he literally has no rhythm
Dad I love you tons! I am so grateful to you, and am so lucky to have a Father like you!

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