Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Best Luck Ever

So let's just say that I am just the luckiest girl ever, JUST KIDDING!! I probably have thee worst luck well this last week at least. So I was on my way to the gym last Saturday and I was in a hurry of course, and totally just ran a stop sign. There was nobody there, and it was so early. Well just my luck I totally get pulled over. I haven't gotten a ticket in like two years. I was shaking so dang bad I could hardly get my license out. Luckily he was so nice. Well I guess kind of nice cuz he still gave me a dang ticket... Well then Monday rolls around and I was just finishing piano, and going to go to the movie so I was hurring again to get there and totally didn't realize how fast I was going, and got pulled over again. I was so embarrassed! So I was trying to explain to the cop that I just got pulled over, but was totally not making any sense finally he was like can I just have your license. So I got another FREAKIN TICKET!! Aren't I awesome or what? I think I broke some record or something. So everybody watch out the COPS ARE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR JORDYN!!

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