Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birthday Surprise for MOM

This last weekend Shea, Gege, and I decided to surprise my mom and take her for the day to celebrate her birthday. So we went to lunch at kneaders, and then to the outlets up in Park City. We had such a fun day. We laughed until we cried or until we were running to find a bathroom. I love being together with just the girls. It is always a good time to bring up all of the fun memories that we have had together and to also create more!

Me and Shea

The Birthday Girl

So funny story.... We were in a store and my mom was purchasing something and so me and gege were dancing in the front. We were doing a Monkey impersonation. Well the lady who was helping my mom asked her if we realized that they were all watching us on Camera. So my mom came and told us, and then what does she do, she does it with us! Oh how I love these two! Shea on the other hand was dying and laughter and totally embarrassed!

My mom and gege

Haha so this picture just tells you how great my grandma is. Shea and I talked her into getting on the horse. To be honest it didn't take much. She is always making us laugh, and is always such a great sport!!

Thanks for the fun day!!

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