Monday, August 30, 2010


I am now back in school! After having a nice long break it was hard to go back again. Summer went by way to fast. This is my last semester of Pre-Requisites for nursing school. I am very excited, but very nervous at the same time. I have dreamed of becoming a nurse since I was just little, and one day I hope my dream will come true. Education has always been so important to me. We are commanded to get as much education as possible. I hope that if I do my best I will be able to become a nurse and one day a Nurse Practitioner (Maybe). Nursing school is so competitive which makes me so nervous. I need to do well this semester. I am still at SLCC and I am taking Anatomy, Physiology, and a Math class. So yes I have a full load, but I know that I can do it! I may be a little crazy for the next four months, but it will be worth it in the end!

The Cabin

This last weekend my family all went up to the Olsens cabin in Fairview. We had such a great time. We went on a fourwheeling ride, and rode the zipline. I am so grateful for my Whitt Family and for the great times that we have together.
Dave built this amazing zipline. I am not going to lie I was kind of nervous to go down it. Easton of course went before all of us! So I knew that if he did I had to go. You climbed up this ladder and then grabbed the handle and were off. You then let go in a pond! It was such a blast!

We went on a 4-wheeling ride. It was so beautiful! This is where the mud slide happened in the 80s

Me and Chaz

Todd and Ann
John and Cathy
Meg and her Friend
Dave and Nancy
Mom and Dad
Jensen, Easton, and Charlie
Thanks Dave and Nancy for letting us come! We had a great time!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spencer and Joe

So a couple of weekends ago I was staying with my cousins. We had just gotten home around 12:30 a.m from a motor cross race in Salt Lake. All of a sudden the door bell rings and look who it is Spencer, Linds, and Joe. Well much to my surprise by the end of the night me and Linds were thrown in the pool in our clothes. There is never a dull moment when Spencer and Joe are around. It was such a blast!
They are gonna get in one of these days!
Us four have such a great time together! We are all the best of friends! We do the craziest things together and can always have a good time!

Spencer is well let's just say CRAZY! He has more energy then anybody else I know! It is sometimes hard to keep up with him! Whenever I need a good laugh I know just who to call!

What a great night!!

Bear Lake

Bear Lake has become quite the tradition in our singles ward. This is my second time going. It was such a blast. We left early on Thursday morning. I rode up with Chaz, and his brother Nash. Chaz pulled up the trailor with all of the food. First to start off I am very good with directions, and seem to get lost where ever I go. So we were jamming out to music, laughing, and just having a good old time. We see little America and Nash wants to stop and get an Ice-Cream cone. They were delicious by the way. So we get in the truck and on the road again when we get a call asking us where we are? We told them we were in Little America. We were totally thinking we were on the right track getting there. Little did we know we had gone about sixty miles to far. We didn't even realize that we had been driving for two hours because we were just having a good old time. The ward was not to happy with us because it was lunch time and we had all of the food. We on the other hand thought it was hilarious! I was laughing so hard that I was crying, and my stomach hurt. So the two and a half hour drive ended up being five hours. At least we had a good time though!!
Me and Chaz
Chaz needs to learn how to spell!! I think he forgot that we were at BEAR Lake and not BEER Lake!

Don't worry though we fixed it!

It is hard to see, but I am holding this tiny frog! It was so cute!
Right before the storm came in!

Chaz, Me, Matt, and the Bishop

Doesn't my dad just look so great in this hat! He thought that he was pretty cool!
My dad is the first counselor in our ward. Everybody just loves him. What is not to love though? I love that he acts like one of us. He is the life of the party. He has such a contagious personality that everybody just wants to be around him.
We had a great time at Bear Lake. We played on the beach all day, wakeboarded, tubed, and had a good old time! It was a good opportunity to get to know everybody in our ward. We had a great turn out. I am excited for next year!

The New Bike

I can't believe I almost forgot the best part of the day, my new beach cruiser! The door bell rang and my dad told me to go get it and this is what I found! I was so excited! It is such a blast to ride, and it is so cute! I love it!! Thanks Mom and Dad!

The Birthday Continues

I have one of the greatest friends that anyone could ever ask for. Lindsey threw me a party at our apartment and invited a bunch of our friends and family over. She is the greatest!! I am so grateful to have an awesome roommate like her.

She even made me two cakes that were delicious
Tanner, Mandy, and Dev

Me and Dev... She is the greatest cousin. We have such a great time together. We are a lot a like in so many ways! I love jamming out in the car with her, making up crazy car dances, doing some crazy voice, being able to talk to her about anything, and the list goes on and on.

Cathy, Linds, and Me
Cathy is our new land lord, and she is the greatest!! We have a such a great time! I am so excited for her to become my new aunt.

Eating my delicious cake and ice-cream

The two blondes

Tan Man just makes me laugh. He has such an amazing personality, and is so fun to be around! He has such a soft heart and would do anything for anyone. I love that he doesn't care what people think of him. He is always himself! Love ya tan man!

Me and Shea B.
She is such a great sister who I adore! We have a good time together. I know I can always go to her for anything. She is such a huge example to me, and is always striving to do what's right!
I seemed to only get pictures with my family, but thanks everyone for coming! It was a lot of fun! We played pool, had cake and ice-cream, and just hung out!! Thanks Linds your the best!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I am now 21 can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday I was sitting on the bus with Jacee riding to kindergarton. Time sure goes by quickily. My birthday gave me the chance to reflect on the great life that I have had so far. I have by far the greatest family who support me in all that I do, I have a great job that I love. I get to see miracles happen every time I work! I have great friends who make me want to be a better person, I have gotten to travel around the world to Africa and see how truly blessed I am to live where I live. I have graduated from High School, and will one day graduate from nursing school. I have had a great life so far and look forward to an even better one to come!!
I had such a great day!! I taught piano in the morning and then my family all went to dinner!
So Texas Roadhouse is by far my favorite so I choose to go there. Well I forgot that I had to get on a Saddle infront of everyone. Let's just say my face was as red as my dress.
My cute grandma and grandpa

My parents

J and his wanna be girfriend Lindsey

Me and E

Linds and Mandy
Shea and Kyle were there as well, but I don't have a picture of them!! Sorry guys! Thanks for the fun night!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Elder Whittaker

Elder Whittaker is now in Costa Rica. I got to talk to him on Monday while he was at the airport. It has been the highlight of my week. As soon as I heard his voice I just broke down into tears. Me and Log have always been buddies and it has been so hard to have him gone. He just sounded so great, and so ready to get to work. He was so ready to leave the MTC although he said that he loved it. Before he hung up the phone he asked me if he could bear his testimony to me in Spanish. Although I couldn't understand a word he was saying I felt the spirit so strongly. I know that he has been called of god to serve in Costa Rica. He is going to bless so many lives and bring them the true happiness that we have. I am so grateful for him. He makes me want to be a better person. He is going to make an amazing missionary. I am just so proud of him and so excited for his new adventure!!

Shopping Day

Last week us girls decided that we needed to go shopping. It has been quite some time since the three musketeers have been together. We went to Chick-Fila which is by far our favorite place and then we went to South Town mall and went shopping.

We walked into American Eagle and we saw this old man just taking a snooze on the bench. It was hilarious!! What made it even better was that he was tapping his foot to the music. He gave us a good laugh!

Dev just cracks me up! She turned into this little kid when she saw this sign. It was hilarious! We were in line to order our food and she ran over to take a picture with the cow. Oh how I love you Dev!
We had such a fun day! Full of lots of laughs and some great memories! I am so grateful for these two and for the amazing friendship that I have with both of them. We have such a great time together. I sure do love you both!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Easton's Baptism

My cute little E was baptized this last Saturday. I am so proud of him and his decision to be baptized and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. What an amazing spirit and joy he brings into our family. I asked him after he was baptized how he felt. He looked at me with a grin on his face and said," I feel so clean. I feel like I haven't done anything wrong. I am so happy." This brought such a huge smile on my face. I am so grateful for this gospel and the joy that it brings to each and everyone of us. Times in life are sometimes hard, but I know that we always have the gospel to bring us true happiness. It made me reflect on my baptism day and the feelings that I felt that day. It made me remember the covenants that I made, and the greatest gift that I will ever receive, which is the gift of the holy ghost. My constant companion that has helped me through many times in my life. This is the true and living gospel. I know it and am so grateful for it.

Easton John I want you to know that I love you so much and am so proud of you! Always stay close to the Iron Rod and remember the covenants that you made this day. This is the true and living gospel which will bring you true happiness. Strive everyday to be a little better.

I just want to let my parents know how much I love and adore them. I am grateful for there example. Us children would not be who we are without our parents. They have such a strong testimony of the gospel, and show it in how they live there lives. I love you mom and dad.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Provo River Half Marathon

This last Saturday I ran my second half marathon. Which is 13.1 miles. What an amazing accomplishment. We worked hard all summer long to train, and it finally paid off! My parents, neighbor Kim, Aunt Cari, and her friend Sabrina all finished the race. My mom, Sabrina, Cari, me, and Kim
Dad, Sabrina, Cari, Me, and Paul
My mom getting ready to cross the finish line

My dad was cute and ran with my mom as she was getting ready to finish. He was such a huge support to her and was cheering her on the whole way.
My time was 2 hours and 2 minutes. I ran the whole thing with my Aunt Cari. She was great and pushed me the whole way. The last mile was the hardest. I was ready to be done, but she just kept pushing me. My grandpa was a huge runner, and loved it. Earlier in the race Cari said that he was running with my dad, but would be back to finish the race with us. Our last mile we turned the corner and Cari looked at me and said," my dad is here with us". I never met my grandpa, but I know that he was with us that day. He gave me that extra stregnth that I needed to finish out the last mile. It was amazing to feel of his love and spirit with us. I am so grateful for being able to have the stregnth to accomplish my goal, and to do it with such great people!!

Drive in

A couple of weeks ago I went to the drive-in movie in Salt Lake. It was such a blast! It reminded me of when I was little, and my parents would take us there a couple times a month. We loved it! I went with Chaz, Shea, and Kyle. It was a lot of fun! We saw Grown-ups, and the Karate Kid.