Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shea and Dads Birthday

The Whitts are full of birthday's in March. March is like a party all around. I love it!! Shea Bs birthday was on March 15. We went to lunch for her birthday at Zupas. It was delicious, and so fun!! I truly am grateful for such an amazing sister. She is going to make such an amazing mom. I love her to pieces, and am so grateful for the example that she is to me.

Kyle had a party for her at there place. Check out all of those candles. Boy is she getting old.
Isn't he just the greatest? Boy, did I luck out with such a great dad. His birthday was the 16th. He as well is also getting really old (47). Only 3 more years till he is 50. SCARY!! Him and my mom had a get away to Salt Lake. So I watched the boys so they could have a good time. Dad sure do love you, and think that world of you. Thanks for all that you do for me.

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