Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year Full of New GOALS

I can't believe that 2011 is already here! I feel like 2010 flew by. It was definitely a great year! Some highlights to 2010:

  • Went to Canada for the Olympics
  • Shea and Kyle got married
  • Went to Lake Powell twice
  • Passed all my classes
  • Payed off my car
  • Moved to Orem
  • Stayed out of Debt
  • Served in the Relief Society Presidency
  • Logan left on his Mission to Costa Rica
  • Ran a Half Marathon
  • Gained 6 more piano students
  • Continued working at Labor and Delivery for my third year now
  • Turned 21

Some of my Goals for 2011

  • To study the scriptures every night. I want to be able to know the scriptures and truly gain a testimony of them.
  • To work on saying my morning prayers every single morning
  • To get into Nursing School
  • To stay out of Debt
  • To run a half marathon or a full marathon
  • To do a triathlon
  • To get married ha ha j/k
  • To learn to be a better cook
  • To budget my money each month
  • Stay in great shape

Happy New Year.... Let's hope for a great 2011

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