Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas

This year we Put on the Nativity it was so much fun! John and Cathy put the program together. We sang songs in between and I got to play the piano. Cathy had great costumes put together as well. It truly brought the true meaning of Christmas! It reminded us all why we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Day
We spent the day at John and Cathy's. Everybody brought there favorite dish. So the food was delicious! I definitely ate way to much, but hey it was Christmas! We played games, put on the nativity, ate, and ate again, shared our favorite Christmas memory, and just enjoyed being together as a family!

We woke up around seven o clock. Jensen woke up every couple hours to see what time it was. It is so fun to be home with my brothers for Christmas. Seeing as they are still young. It was weird to have it only be the three of us though! We came down stairs to see what Santa brought us. We were spoiled like usual. Sometimes I wonder why I was so fortunate to be blessed with all that I have. I truly am grateful. Shea, Kyle, Gege, and pop all came over, and had breakfast with us, and also shared a very important phone call. We then opened more presents. It was a great morning.

The highlight to my Christmas was getting to talk to Logan. We got to talk to him for 45 minutes. So we each got five minutes. It went by way to fast. He sounded so great, and even had a little bit of an accent. My mom came in and told me my time was up, and let me tell you saying goodbye was so hard. I just cried! Everybody talked to him, and then we put him on speaker phone and he bore his testimony in Spanish. Although we didn't understand a word that he was saying we felt the spirit so strong. My parents then got the rest of the time. I wanted to talk to him one more time so I picked up the phone, and talked to him in my retarded voice. At first he was like huh, but then he started talking in his voice too! It was hilarious, and just what I needed. He is such an amazing person who makes me want to be better everyday. I know that he is giving it 100% and truly doing the best that he can. I love him so much, and miss him like crazy!
I had a great Christmas. I am truly grateful for the true meaning of Christmas. For the birth of my Savior. I am grateful for the sacrifice that Mary and Joseph made to bring him into this world. I am grateful for my Savior, and for the life that he led. For his example. I am grateful for his atoning sacrifice for me. He gave me the opportunity to repent of my sins so that one day I can return and live with him again. I truly love him, and am so grateful that we could celebrate him this Christmas!

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