Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Party

On Friday me and Linds went to a Christmas party that our friends Jordan Gray and Jordan Houghton put on. We were told to wear a Christmas Sweater. Luckily Cathy had hung onto some of her old ones so we were set. We ate dinner, did white elephant gifts, sang some songs ha, had an ugly sweater contest which linds took 5th place, and then just hung out! It was seriously a blast. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. It was great to see friends from high school again, and catch up with everyone. I have to admit that our sweaters look pretty darn good! Me and Linds decided that we are going to wear them everyday. One because they are super cute ha, two because they are so comfy, and three because they are so festive!

This is the whole crew who was at the party!

All of the girls!!
Okay so I have to share a little story with you about my and Linds white elephant gifts ha ha! You better run to the bathroom quick cuz this is hilarious!!..... So to begin let's just say our gift totally dominated everyone ha! So the instructions that we got was to spend $10 on the gift. So me and Linds decided that we were going to get $10 worth of gold fish. Pretty sweet eh! Well we get to the store, and we both think it would be hilarious to get a hamster. So we ask the lady what the cheapest hamster is? Well we were seriously in luck because the cheapest one was $10.88. So we said that we would take it. So she put it in a little box with holes and we were on our way. We put it in a gift bag, and covered it with tissue paper! The hamster was going crazy you could hear it in the box running around. So we kept checking on it all during the night until we did the white elephant gift to make sure that it was getting air, and wasn't gonna die on us. So I walked over to check on it and the bag was seriously moving like crazy. So I peaked in and the hamster was right there out of the box. I was dying! It had totally chewed a hole in the box, and gotten out. So I obviously wasn't going to touch it. SO I was calling for Linds to come over, and luckily Jacee was right there and hurried and grabbed it in her hands while I put it in the box. Ah we were dying of laughter it was hilarious! So then we started doing white elephant gifts, and this kid was holding it on his lap and was like, "dude this is moving there is something alive in here", and Linds reply"oh it is just battery operated" ha! So they start reading the story and we are passing these two bags around well somebody drops the Hamster bag, and I scream because knowing my luck out would run a hamster, but luckily it didn't. So then it stops and everybody opens there gifts. Everybodies face was priceless when they saw that we had brought a live hamster. So this girl decides to hold it ha and gets peed all over! So then she almosts drops it on the floor. Then everybody wants to pass it around and it almost gets dropped like twenty times. It was hilarious! I just sat back and laughed my head off!! So if any of you n eed some ideas this one is classic!

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  1. This will forever be my favorite white elephant story!! I would have died if I had to pass the box even once!